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Exam Certified Robotics System Architect (CRSA) 80V1
File Name Certified Robotics System Architect (CRSA) 80V1.Prep4sure.PEGACRSA80V1.2018-10-17.1e.28q.vcex
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Posted October 17, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Application Discovery is a process that involves interrogating an application to _______ and ______. (Choose two.) 

  • A: determine if the solution requires the use of keys to handle multiple accounts open at once
  • B: ensure that the application uses the correct .Net Framework version
  • C: determine any controls that will require translators or additional development effort
  • D: ensure that any controls on the application needed within the use case can be controlled

Question 2
The business requirement states that the user performs a search in a web application. How do you order the automation steps to perform this search?

  • A: Verify the adapter status, navigate the adapter to a known location, and perform search
  • B: Verify adapter status, search, and then navigate to a known location.
  • C: Navigate to a known location and perform the search.
  • D: Stop the adapter, start the adapter, and then perform the search.

Question 3
Where are the message definitions for the MessageManifest component defined?

  • A: Within a Collection on the MessageManifest’s properties
  • B: Within a LookupTable component, acting as the MessageManifest’s data source
  • C: Within the Project Properties
  • D: Within the Interaction.xml file associated with the project

Question 4
The following Context variables are defined in the Interaction.xml of the solution. 


An automation creates an interaction and later sets the following values for procedures and HasBeenPaid. 


When the agent finishes the call, an automation clears the context variables using ClearContext. 


What is the state of the HasBeenPaid variable at this point?

  • A: The value of HasBeenPaid is now False.
  • B: The value of HasBeenPaid is now True.
  • C: The value of HasBeenPaid is now null.

Question 5
Pega Robotic Coding Standards require proper naming conventions and organization of project components. You have added the _CRM_GC project item to the CRMPrj. Which three components belong in the _CRM_GC project item? (Choose three.)

  • A: dataTimeUtils
  • B: messageDialog
  • C: stringUtils
  • D: interactionManager
  • E: actGetStatus

Question 6
You are automating the login process for a web application. There are three possible scenarios that may occur: (1) You may successfully login, (2) you may not be successfully logging in, or (3) you may log in but go to the change password screen. 
Which control from the Toolbox do you use to determine which page you were on after performing the login function?

  • A: Signal
  • B: Switch 
  • C: WaitAny
  • D: WaitAll

Question 7
A user access an HTML table with an undefined number of rows and then searches the table to find the row needed to complete the process. You must automate the search and return the result to the user. Which two coding options are available to create the automation? (Choose two.)

  • A: TableView component
  • B: LookupTable component
  • C: ForLoop component
  • D: Query on a dataCell

Question 8
The requirement is to get an item from an Outlook Mail Collection. If there is an exception, retry the GetItem twice. 
The following graphics show the automation and the property grid for the Catch block. How do you code the requirement? 

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 9
You created an RDA solution for a company that uses an application bar with various buttons that trigger robotic automations. Some of the users complained that the application bar often locks up during automation processing. Others complained that the automations enter the same data two to three times each iteration. 
You suspect that the users are triggering the crashes and duplicate automation behavior by double-clicking the buttons on the application bar. 
How do you resolve the situation?

  • A: Talk with the management team about the existing application bar behavior and user error at the company
  • B: Hide the application bar as soon the user clicks one of the buttons, and allow the application bar to reappear once the automation completes.
  • C: After the initial click, disable the application bar buttons, display an automation progress bar, and then re-enable the buttons once the automation completes.
  • D: Modify the automations so that they display a full message using the MessageManifest hen the automations complete.

Question 10
Which line of code do you use in a script designer to add a custom message to the Runtime application logs?

  • A: OpenSpan.Diagnostics.Diagnostic.TraceVerbose(“Script”,”your message”); 
  • B: LogMessage(“Script”,”Your Message”);
  • C: OpenSpan.TraceVerbose(“Script”,”your message”);
  • D: Pega.Diagnostic.TraceVerbose(“Script”,”your message”); 



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