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Exam Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam
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File Name Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam.passit4sure.HPE6-A70.2019-12-19.1e.36q.vcex
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Posted December 19, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A network administrator creates the role employees and adds this rule to it:
user any any permit 
The first several wireless clients assigned to the employees role are assigned IP addresses in the subnet. Several other wireless clients with the employees role are then assigned IP addresses in the 
When the Aruba firewall matches traffic from these clients to the user any any permit rule, what does it do?

  • A: It permits traffic from wireless clients in both the and subnet as long as the packet has a source IP.
  • B: It permits the traffic from wireless clients in the subnet, but drops the traffic from wireless clients in the subnet.
  • C: It drops traffic from wireless clients in both the and subnet.
  • D: It permits the traffic from wireless clients in the subnet, but drops the traffic from wireless clients in the subnet.

Question 2
A company has many 7220 controllers in its Aruba wireless architecture. A network administrator wants to use the Traffic Analysis dashboard in order to monitor which type of applications are being used by wireless users. 
What is required for this implementation?

  • A: AirMatch and ClientMatch must be enabled.
  • B: The solution must have active PEFNG licenses.
  • C: WLANs must use the decrypt-tunnel forwarding option.
  • D: Firewall policies must include application filtering rules.

Question 3
An Aruba solution runs ArubaOS 8 and uses a mobility master architecture. Which feature can network administrators use to balance wireless across APs on different channels?

  • A: AppRF
  • B: ARM
  • C: Client Match
  • D: AirMatch

Question 4
What is the difference between how a network administrator can monitor clients in the Mobility (MM) interface and in the AirWave Management Platform?

  • A: AirWave shows trends for the past several minutes, while MM shows longer trends.
  • B: AirWave combines information from more sources, such as RADIUS authenticating servers and APs.
  • C: AirWave shows the current signal level for the client connection, while MM does not show RF statistics.
  • D: MM shows user and role information associated with clients, while AirWave does not.

Question 5
An AP operates on channel 6. Which device causes the most significant and consistent interference with the signal?

  • A: cellular phone
  • B: AP operating on channel 11
  • C: wireless security camera operating on channel 8
  • D: weather radar

Question 6
A company has an Aruba solution that supports an employee WLAN. How can network administrators control in which subnets user receive IP addresses?

  • A: Assign switch ports connected to APs to VLANs associated with the desired subnets.
  • B: Set the VLANs associated with desired subnets in the WLAN settings.
  • C: Configure firewall policies that permit the desired subnet, and add them to the initial role for the WLAN.
  • D: In the WLAN settings, configure User role rules with the desired subnet addresses as match criteria.

Question 7
A network manager wants to implement an Aruba wireless solution that accommodates 802.1X with EAP-TLS. All wireless users will utilize Active Directory (AD) accounts to authenticate. 
Which device will the authenticator forward the authentication requests to in this type of solution?

  • A: Mobility Master (MM)
  • B: Mobility Controller (MC)
  • C: RADIUS server
  • D: APs

Question 8
A company wants to provide wireless access for guests with their Aruba solution. Which configuration feature requires the customer to purchase PEFNG licenses?

  • A: redirection of guests to an external captive portal
  • B: customization of the internal captive portal login page
  • C: addition of custom rules to control access for authenticated guests
  • D: provision of DHCP services to unauthenticated guests

Question 9
What does an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) do before it deploys a configuration to a Mobility Controller (MC)?

  • A: It synchronizes the configuration with templates on Aruba AirWave.
  • B: It removes any commands that are not supported on that MC or have dependency errors.
  • C: It obtains the current configuration, encrypts it, and backs it up to a secure archive.
  • D: It encrypts the configuration to be deployed and backs it up to a secure archive.

Question 10
How does WPA2 protect wireless user traffic in the air?

  • A: It provides both data integrity and privacy with AES.
  • B: It provides data integrity with TKIP and data privacy with AES.
  • C: It provides data privacy with TKIP and no data integrity.
  • D: It provides data integrity with AES and no data privacy.


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