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Exam Designing Aruba Solutions
Number HPE6-A47
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Posted January 15, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which guidelines should an architect use to determine how many AirWave servers to recommend?

  • A: One server should be deployed on every subnet with an infrastructure device.
  • B: One server is recommended for the base features and one server each for add-on features such as Clarity.
  • C: One server should be dedicated to the wired infrastructure and one server to the wireless infrastructure.
  • D: One server should monitor and manage up to about 4,000 infrastructure devices.

Question 2
An architect plant to purpose an Aruba wireless solution with several Mobility Controllers (MCs) and a Mobility Master (MM) architecture. Wireless users run Skype for Business, a Unified Communications (UC) solution. The architect plans to use the Aruba SDN capabilities to integrate with the UC solution.
What helps to support high availability specifically for the SDN services?

  • A: a redundant master MC
  • B: backup controllers defines on the APs
  • C: a cluster deployment for MCs
  • D: a redundant MM

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit.

Exhibit 1 shows the logical plan, and Exhibit 2 shows the BOM created with IRIS. An architect plans to propose two 5406Rzl switches as a VSF fabric for a campus network core. Which issue with the plan should the architect correct? 

  • A: Add two QSPF+ MP0 SR4 transceivers.
  • B: Change the v2 modules to v3 modules.
  • C: Add stacking modules and cables.
  • D: Change the power supply type.

Question 4
An architect needs to plan the bandwidth for two Aruba 7240 Mobility Controllers (MCs) which will connect to the network core. The customer indicates that four 10 GbE links between the network core and the data center will be adequate. The customer expects almost all traffic in the network will be wireless. The customer expects up to 25 Gbps upstream traffic from wireless clients and up to 35 Gbps downstream to wireless clients. The customer requires the MCs to be able to continue to forward traffic if up to one link fails, but lower performance during the failover situation is permissible.
What are the minimal links to meet these requirements?

  • A: two 10 GbE links on each of the MC
  • B: two 40 GbE links in each of the MCs
  • C: three 10 GbE links on each of the MCs 
  • D: four 10 GbE links on each of the MCs.

Question 5
An architect learns that a customer site is 14,307 square meters (154,000 square feet) and supports 900 employees using WiFi 5 Ghz radio. What additional information should the architect collect to create the RF plan?

  • A: number of devices used
  • B: the OS used on wireless devices
  • C: whether BLE wayfinding is required
  • D: software version on Mobility Controllers (MCs)

Question 6
An architect needs to help a customer design a management and monitoring solution for an Aruba network in an airport. The solution consists of an Aruba Mobility Master (MM), Aruba 7210 MCs, Aruba AP-335s, and Aruba 5496R switches. The architect plans to recommend Aruba AirWare.
The airport has a high-client device turnover and many highly mobile devices. Which changes should the architect make to the recommended solution based on this characteristic?

  • A: Recommend additional hardware resources beyond those recommended for the typical tested AirWare platform.
  • B: Recommend extra AirWare device licenses to support the changing number of client devices.
  • C: Recommend Aruba Central with a Clarity subscription as a more flexible cloud-based solution.
  • D: Recommend Aruba Central with guest access licensing to increase guest visibility.

Question 7
An architect proposes four 7210 Mobility Controllers (MCs) to support about 1,500 client APs. The customer environment will have a maximum of about 20,000 wireless clients. The customer wants hardware MMs with an active and standby deployment. What is the minimum solution that meets the customer requirements?

  • A: two MM-HW-10K appliances
  • B: two MM-HW-5K appliances
  • C: four MM HW-5K appliances
  • D: four MM HW-10K appliances

Question 8
A financial institution has an Aruba wireless system. Each floor is 19 meters by 23 meters (200 feet by 250 feet) and has 20 APs. The organization now requires dedicated Air Monitors (AMs). About how many AMs should the architect recommend per floor?

  • A: about 1 or 2 per floor
  • B: about 3 to 5 per floor
  • C: about 10 to 12 per floor
  • D: about 16 to 20 per floor

Question 9
A customer needs a solution to terminate VPN tunnels for Aruba RAPs. The customer has a single site and a single public IP address for this purpose. Network address translation (NAT) will forward the IPsec traffic to the correct device to terminate the VPN tunnel. The customer also requires N+1 redundancy for the solution. Which solution meets the customer requirements?

  • A: two Aruba MCs on the same subnet that use VRRP without clustering
  • B: two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 3 cluster
  • C: two Aruba MCs on different subnets that use VRRP without clustering
  • D: two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 2 cluster

Question 10
An architect needs to plan the RF coverage. Which application has the greatest potential impact on RF design?

  • A: print
  • B: email
  • C: voice
  • D: secure web browsing


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