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Exam Implementing Aruba Location Services
Number HPE6-A43
File Name HP.PracticeTest.HPE6-A43.2017-12-13.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted December 13, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A network engineer wants to enable remote beacon management so that an Aruba AP can manage battery-powered beacons. Which device can be plugged into an Aruba AP to enable this management?

  • A: sensor
  • B: battery-powered beacon
  • C: USB beacon
  • D: USB Wi-Fi adapter

Question 2
What is the minimum battery life of an Aruba battery-powered beacon?

  • A: 1 month
  • B: 6 months
  • C: 1 year
  • D: 4 years

Question 3
A Meridian app developer troubleshoots push notifications that fail to appear on a mobile device. What should the developer check on the device to troubleshoot the push notifications issue? (Select two.)

  • A: if the Meridian-powered app is installed on the device
  • B: if Wi-Fi is enabled on the device
  • C: if GPS location is enabled on the device
  • D: if location services is enabled for the app
  • E: if the Wi-Fi guest WLAN is connected

Question 4
A network engineer is troubleshooting the jumpiness of a blue dot in a location-enabled Meridian-powered app. The network engineer determines that it is located in a reflective physical environment. 
Which deployment model will perform better in this environment?

  • A: Area
  • B: Multipath
  • C: Path
  • D: Reflective

Question 5
An app developer wants to create a new page to list events for venue’s app. The app developer wants the events to be searchable within the venue’s app. 
What can be used to accomplish these goals?

  • A: Calendars
  • B: Events
  • C: Categories
  • D: Tabbed View pages.

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit. 
An app developer wants to create a new page to allow visitors to navigate to other list pages. Using the menu shown in the exhibit, which page type would be best for this purpose?

  • A: Tabbed View
  • B: Slideshow
  • C: Image+text
  • D: List

Question 7
An app developer wants to create a new campaign for a venue app. What is the first step the developer must take to create the campaign?

  • A: Click on the proximity beacon on the map and associate it to a campaign.
  • B: Create a title for the campaign in the Meridian Editor.
  • C: Configure a proximity beacon for the campaign with the Beacons App.
  • D: Create a name for the campaign with the Beacons App.

Question 8
What are the purposes of a node in Meridian routing? (Select two.)

  • A: to indicate the exit from a building
  • B: to add a placemark to a route
  • C: to determine the preferred route
  • D: to add portals connecting different floors
  • E: to mark the start and end of a route

Question 9
A network engineer plans an ALE deployment for a customer. Which ALE integration requirements should the network engineer consider? (Select two.)

  • A: ALE requires AirWave to gather analytics.
  • B: ALE integrates with 3rd party analytics software
  • C: ALE uses Bluetooth to collect positioning information
  • D: ALE deployments require a wireless infrastructure
  • E: ALE deployments require an Aruba controller or Instant IP

Question 10
A customer has an office where they would like to install beacons for location for a Meridian-powered app. The ceilings in the office building are 30 feet (9.1 meter) high with no ceiling grid. The office does not have a drop ceiling. 
Where should the beacon installer place the beacons?

  • A: floor
  • B: wall
  • C: ceiling
  • D: under the floor


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