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Exam Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8
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Posted June 07, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit. 

An Aruba solution uses AirMatch with the default AirMatch profile settings. A network administrator sees that a scheduled optimization was completed, but a plan was not deployed. 
Based on the exhibit, why did this occur?

  • A: The cost of the new plan exceeds the amount allowed by the feature license
  • B: The new plan did not offer significantly improved quality
  • C: The solution uses master-local mode
  • D: ARM is disabled in the radio profile, so AP radios are considered frozen

Question 2
Refer to the exhibit. 


Network administrators need to set up a WLAN that uses WPA2 encryption and authenticates users with a preshared key (PSK) that is the same for all users. Administrators do not see where they should specify the option for the preshared key. 
What should the administrators do?

  • A: Click Personal in the slide bar.
  • B: Click the + icon in the Authentication server section
  • C: Return to the first page in the wizard and select the guest option
  • D: Configure an L3 authentication profile after the WLAN wizard is complete

Question 3
What is a reason for a company to choose to deploy an Aruba 7024 Mobility Controller (MC) rather than an Aruba 7010 MC?

  • A: to support 802.11ac Aps rather than only 802.11n APs
  • B: to support more wireless users
  • C: to support more POE devices directly connected to the MC
  • D: to support a faster firewall throughput rate

Question 4
A company wants to provide wireless access for guests with their Aruba solution. Which configuration feature requires the customer to purchase PEFNG licenses?

  • A: redirection of guests to an external captive portal
  • B: provision of DHCP services to unauthenticated guests
  • C: addition of custom rules to control access for authenticated guests
  • D: customization of the internal captive portal login page

Question 5
A company has an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. A network administrator wants to collect and analyze information about clients and access points (APs) over extended periods of time. 
What should the administrator do to achieve this goal?

  • A: Add Aruba AirWave to the solution.
  • B: Run a Traffic Analysis report on the MM.
  • C: Make sure that MM has sufficient AppRF licenses.
  • D: Enable archival from the MM interface Maintenance windows.

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit. 


Based on the exhibit, what is the maximum number of APs that this Mobility Master (MM) solution can support?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 32
  • D: 500

Question 7
A WLAN in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution enforces Enterprise-WPA2 security and uses the tunnel forwarding mode. The company has an external RADIUS server. 
Which device exchanges RADIUS packets with the RADIUS server?

  • A: Mobility Controller (MC)
  • B: wireless client
  • C: access point (AP)
  • D: Mobility Master (MM)

Question 8
A network administratpr adds several new APs to an Aruba solution that uses AirMatch. The administrator does not want to change the channel for the existing APs, but wants the new APs to receive a provisional plan for their channels and power. 
What should the administrator do to meet this goal?

  • A: Run an on-demand quick AirMatch optimization.
  • B: Run an on-demand incremental AirMatch optimization.
  • C: Temporarily enable ARM on the existing and new APs, while AirMatch scheduling remains enabled.
  • D: Temporarily disable AirMatch scheduling, and then enable ARM on the existing and new APs.

Question 9
What is the minimum space between channels in the 2.4GHz range to prevent overlap?

  • A: 1 channel
  • B: 3 channels
  • C: 5 channels
  • D: 7 channels

Question 10
Which task can an Aruba Air Monitor (AM) perform?

  • A: Analyze wireless traffic patterns at the application level.
  • B: Optimize RF through the AP channel and transmit power plans.
  • C: Analyze RF signals to determine the cause of non-802.11 interference.
  • D: Help to detect rogue APs in the environment.


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