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Exam Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8
Number HPE6-A42
File Name Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8.PracticeTest.HPE6-A42.2018-09-27.1e.44q.vcex
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Posted September 27, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit. 


Based on the exhibit, what is the maximum number of APs that this Mobility Master (MM) solution can support?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 32
  • D: 500

Question 2
A network administrator needs to create an Aruba firewall rule that permits wireless users to receive DHCP settings when they first connect to the Aruba solution. What are the correct source and destination aliases for the rule?

  • A: source = any and destination = user
  • B: source = any and destination = any
  • C: source = user and destination = user
  • D: source = user and destination = any

Question 3
Which task can an Aruba Air Monitor (AM) perform?

  • A: Analyze wireless traffic patterns at the application level.
  • B: Optimize RF through the AP channel and transmit power plans.
  • C: Analyze RF signals to determine the cause of non-802.11 interference.
  • D: Help to detect rogue APs in the environment.

Question 4
A Mobility Controller (MC) runs ArubaOS 8. What is a valid reason for an administrator to set the MC to master-local mode?

  • A: The company already has a partially hierarchical deployment based on the 6.x code and wants to keep the current architecture.
  • B: The company needs to manage third-party network infrastructure devices with the use of the master controller interface.
  • C: The company wants a deployment architecture that allows administrators to configure all MC settings from a single location.
  • D: The company requires a centralized licensing architecture that provides global license pools.

Question 5
A network administrator wants to implement MAC filtering for the wireless network of a local financial firm to ensure that only employees can access the wireless network. What is a potential weakness of this solution?

  • A: MAC filters cannot be applied with WPA2 encryption.
  • B: Authorized MAC addresses are visible in plaintext in the air and can be easily spoofed.
  • C: Many popular clients do not have the capability to connect to WLANs that use MAC filters.
  • D: MAC filters offer no protection against authorized users who try to connect unauthorized devices.

Question 6
Wich type of authentication server should administrators select to authenticate useres to a ClearPass server?

  • A: Windows
  • C: TACACS+
  • D: LDAP

Question 7
A network administrator wants to use unique digital certificates installed on user devices to authenticate wireless users. Which EAP method should the RADIUS server and clients support?

  • A: PEAP and MS-CHAPv2
  • B: EAP-TLS
  • C: EAP-TTLS and MS-CHAPv2
  • D: LEAP

Question 8
A company has an Aruba solution. The company wants to host a guest login portal with this solution, and the login portal must gie guests the option to create their own login accounts. 
How can a network administrator help meet these criteria?

  • A: Choose the Internal captive portal with email registration option for the guest WLAN.
  • B: Make sure to create a guest provisioning account for the guest WLAN.
  • C: Disable authentication in the captive portal profile for the guest WLAN.
  • D: Choose ClearPass or the other external captive portal option for the guest WLAN.

Question 9
A network administrator needs to configure firewall rules for three roles:
Several rules apply to both the Employee and Sales roles, but not to the Finance role. What is the simplest way to configure these rules?

  • A: Define the Employee and Sales roles as internal roles, and then configure the rules as global rules for internal users.
  • B: Apply these rules as a subnet-based policy, and then ensure that only Employee and Sales users are assigned IP addresses in that subnet.
  • C: Select either the Employee or Sales role, and then configure these rules within the global policy.
  • D: Create a policy with these rules, and then apply that policy to the Employee and Sales roles.

Question 10
An Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution has a WLAN that uses WPA2-Enterprise security. A test login on a wireless client fails. 
How can a network administrator determine whether the RADIUS server rejected the credentials or another issue occurred?

  • A: View Technical Support information for the MM.
  • B: Ping the IP address configured as the RADIUS server.
  • C: Use the MM AAA Server Test Diagnostic tool.
  • D: Use the tools in the MM Dashboard > Security window.


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