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Exam Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.4
Number HPE6-A29
File Name HP.PracticeDumps.HPE6-A29.2018-01-01.1e.231q.vcex
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Posted January 01, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which dual radio access point models support concurrent operations in the 2.4Ghz band as well as the 5Ghz band? (Choose three)

  • A: AP-92
  • B: AP-93
  • C: AP-105
  • D: AP-224
  • E: AP-135

Question 2
Which of the following APs do NOT support dual radio operations? 
(Choose two)

  • A: AP 93
  • B: AP 105
  • C: RAP 3WN
  • D: AP 224
  • E: AP 135

Question 3
An AP135 has been configured with 3 SSIDs supported on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. How many GRE 
tunnels will be created between the AP 135 and the controller?

  • A: 3
  • B: 4
  • C: 6
  • D: 7
  • E: 8

Question 4
Centralized licensing is not in use on an Aruba based network which has a Master and three local controllers. 
No APs terminate on the Master controller. Roles and Firewall policies need to be created and applied, hence PEF-NG license is required. 
On which controller should the license be installed?

  • A: Only the master controller since role and firewall policies are created here.
  • B: only the local controllers since firewall policies are applied here
  • C: the master and all three local controllers
  • D: this isn't the correct license for this purpose, use PEF-VPN license
  • E: this is not needed because PEF-NG is part of base OS

Question 5
What information do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?

  • A: The controller's MAC address and the feature description.
  • B: controller's MAC address and the certificate number
  • C: controller's Serial Number and the feature description
  • D: controller's Serial Number and the certificate number
  • E: controller's MAC address and Serial Number

Question 6
What are the PEF-NG license limits based on?

  • A: Number of APs
  • B: One license per controller
  • C: Number of users
  • D: Number of local controllers
  • E: Master Controller total user count

Question 7
Which of the following licenses are consumed by Mesh APs advertising an SSIDs?

  • A: AP license
  • B: Mesh license
  • C: PEF-V license
  • D: No license is required
  • E: RAP License

Question 8
The permanent licenses on the controller will be deleted with the use of which command?

  • A: delete license
  • B: write erase
  • C: Licenses cannot be deleted once activated
  • D: write erase all
  • E: reboot delete all

Question 9
A network administrator wants to terminate VPN sessions on a local controller in the DMZ. Which statement is true about the PEF-VPN license?

  • A: It is only applied to the master controller
  • B: It is only applied to the DMZ controller.
  • C: It is based on the number of APs
  • D: One license is needed on the master and the DMZ local
  • E: It is distributed by the license server as needed

Question 10
What is the best practice regarding licensing for a backup master to support Master Redundancy in a network without centralized licensing?

  • A: Backup master only requires the AP license
  • B: Supported limits and installed licenses should be the same on primary master and backup Master
  • C: Licenses are pushed from the primary to the backup Master along with the configuration
  • D: The Backup Master does not require licenses to support master redundancy
  • E: On the backup only one license of each type is needed.


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