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Exam Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.4
Number HPE6-A27
File Name HP.PracticeTest.HPE6-A27.2017-12-15.1e.21q.vcex
Size 13 Kb
Posted December 15, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of these is NOT a valid license type? (Choose two.)

  • A: RFprotect
  • B: Application Security
  • C: Base AOS
  • D: PEF NG
  • E: PEFV

Question 2
Which of the following licenses can be included in the licensing pool for centralized licensing? (Choose three.)

  • A: Factory installed licenses
  • B: PEFNG licenses
  • C: Evaluation licenses
  • D: RFProtect Licenses
  • E: PEFV license

Question 3
Centralized licensing is not enabled in a network of 1 Master and 2 Local controllers, what should be the license count on all controllers to terminate 8 APs on each Local controller and support Local redundancy?

  • A: 16 AP license on all controllers
  • B: 8 AP license on Master and 16 AP license on both locals
  • C: 8 AP license on all controllers
  • D: 1 AP license on Master and 16 AP license on both locals
  • E: 16 AP licenses on the Locals

Question 4
Which ARM feature addresses the issue of sticky clients by moving clients to associate to APs with better 802.11 signal quality?

  • A: Co-Channel interference migration
  • B: Airtime Fairness
  • C: ClientMatch
  • D: Coordinated access to a single channel
  • E: Band Steering

Question 5
Aruba ClientMatch uses which of the following parameters to determine the best AP for a client connection? (Choose two.)

  • A: Device type
  • B: Location
  • C: Signal to Noise Ratio
  • D: Access Point load
  • E: Spectrum Analysis

Question 6
Which ARM function converts APs with excess capacity into Air Monitors?

  • A: Airtime fairness
  • B: Coordinated access to a single channel
  • C: Mode Aware ARM
  • D: Client Aware scanning
  • E: Band Steering

Question 7
Which of the following core components of ARM enables intelligent distribution of clients across available channel capacity?

  • A: Multi-band scan
  • B: Spectrum load balancing
  • C: Rogue AP detection
  • D: Band steering
  • E: Coordinated Access to a Single Channel

Question 8
Which of the following are not characteristics of Aruba Networks 802.1X Authentication:

  • A: L3 Authentication
  • B: Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • C: Support of RADIUS external authentication
  • D: Wired based authentication
  • E: EAP can terminate on authenticator

Question 9
WPA and WPA2 can use the following authentication methods: 
(Choose two.)

  • A: WEP Keys
  • B: PSK
  • C: 802.1X
  • D: Captive Portal
  • E: IPSEC

Question 10
Which of the following would be appropriate for standalone MAC Authentication?

  • A: Guest User
  • B: Internal User
  • C: Legacy barcode scanner
  • D: Admin user
  • E: Laptops


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