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Exam Creating HPE Software-defined Networks
Number HPE2-Z38
File Name Creating HPE Software-defined Networks.pass4sure.HPE2-Z38.2018-09-14.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted September 14, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A company with a small IT staff needs to be able to deploy applications quickly. 
How can software-defined networking (SDN) help this company?

  • A: by allowing IT to deploy policies for both traditional and OpenFlow-enabled switches from a centralized-controller
  • B: by providing a programmable network that simplifies network provisioning
  • C: by providing a common set of APIs for all network switches that support open standard protocols
  • D: by eliminating the need to upgrade switch software to support new applications

Question 2
What is one trend that puts pressure on existing network infrastructures and drives the need for software-defined networking (SDN)?

  • A: Companies are implementing private clouds, and network administrators must be able to respond to service requests quickly.
  • B: Companies increasingly host fewer functions per hypervisor.
  • C: Network infrastructures are allocating too much bandwidth to voice, video, and collaboration traffic, starving out other applications.
  • D: Network administrators increasingly provision security to permit only company-owned assets to connect to the network.

Question 3
An HP Comware switch is controlled by an HP VAN SDN Controller team. If the switch loses its connection to all controllers in the team, the network administrator wants the switch to forward all traffic using normal switching and routing. 
How should the administrator configure this behavior?

  • A: Configure the team as a whole in hybrid mode.
  • B: Configure the team region to which the switch is assigned in hybrid mode.
  • C: Set the switch OpenFlow instance fail-open mode to standalone.
  • D: Set the switch OpenFlow instance connect mode to open.

Question 4
A network architect needs to enable OpenFlow in an HP ProVision switch environment. 
What are the options for configuring OpenFlow? (Choose two.)

  • A: per VLAN
  • B: per controller
  • C: per switch
  • D: per port
  • E: per IP subnet

Question 5
A customer wants to deploy an HP ProVision-based network with laptops daisy chained to physical IP phones using a voice VLAN. The customer does not want the phones to be within the OpenFlow domain and should use traditional QoS. The customer wants all unmatched traffic to be forwarded to the controller. 
Which OpenFlow switch instance configuration option should the customer use?

  • A: QoS passthrough
  • B: Aggregate
  • C: Passive
  • D: Virtualization

Question 6
Which services does HP IMC SDN Manager provide? (Choose two.)

  • A: updating Topology Service discovery protocol
  • B: managing OpenFlow enabled SDN resources
  • C: creating and maintaining flow policies
  • D: managing and maintaining application awareness
  • E: managing switch listeners

Question 7
A company is deploying an HP Software-defined Networking (SDN) solution. The company wants a centralized solution for deploying and monitoring OpenFlow-enabled switches, visualizing traffic flow through the SDN domain, and backing up and restoring HP VAN SDN Controller configurations. 
Which solution should the company use for this purpose?

  • A: HP OneView
  • B: HP OneView Network Mode Manager
  • C: HP SDN Manager for IMC
  • D: HP VAN SDN Controller team manager

Question 8
Refer to the exhibit. 
openflow instance 5 
   controller 1 address ip 
   controller 2 address ip 
   controller 3 address ip 
   active instance 
The network administrator is setting up a controller team. The team address is, and the three controllers are using,, and The administrator is configuring a switch with only basic IP connectivity that can reach the controller team. The administrator starts to configure a new OpenFlow instance by using the commands shown in the exhibit. The instance fails to activate. 
How should the administrator change the configuration to enable it to activate?

  • A: Add one or more VLANs to the OpenFlow instance.
  • B: Change the iP address for all controllers to the team address.
  • C: Change the default setting for controller mode from single to team.
  • D: Move to the appropriate VLAN context and add the OpenFlow instance.

Question 9
How many OpenFlow instances can an administrator map to a single VLAN on an HP ProVision switch?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 3
  • D: 4

Question 10
A company has an HP Network Protector SDN Application solution that controls HP 5406R z12 switches. 
Why should the network administrator ensure that HP switches use service insertion tunnels, rather than OpenFlow, to send traffic to the HP VAN SDN Controller?

  • A: because the service insertion tunnels provide per packet statistics
  • B: because the service insertion tunnels provide a higher packet_in rate
  • C: because the service insertion tunnels provide faster failover capabilities
  • D: because the service insertion tunnels provide stronger security


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