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Exam Selling Aruba Products and Solutions
Number HPE2-W01
File Name Selling Aruba Products and Solutions.test-king.HPE2-W01.2019-02-20.1e.63q.vcex
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Posted February 20, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which Aruba solution uses content filtering and web reputation to keep users off a risky sites?

  • A: Mobility Master
  • B: Clarity
  • C: ArubaOS8
  • D: AppRF

Question 2
What is a key feature of Aruba AirMatch?

  • A: It boosts access point performance by multiplexing multiple data streams over a single radio channel.
  • B: It enables customers to move from local, hardened appliances with one master to a virtual mobility controller
  • C: It centralizes radio frequency (RF) automation for power, channel, and channel-width assignments.
  • D: It allows multiple tenants to use the same access point to use Wi-Fi resources more efficiently.

Question 3
Which Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager Application is used to manage device health?

  • A: Guest
  • B: Onboard
  • C: Meridian
  • D: OnGuard

Question 4
A small insurance agency with six employees needs an affordable, reliable, and simple wired edge networking solution. It must also be energy-efficient and support unified communications. Which product series should you recommend?

  • A: HPE OfficeConnect 1420 Switches
  • B: Aruba 3810 Switches
  • C: Aruba 7200 Mobility Controllers
  • D: HPE OfficeConnect R100 Routers

Question 5
Which statement is characteristic of ArubaClearpass Policy Manager?

  • A: It enforces separate enterprise and guest authentication and separates network traffic using rules and SSIDs.
  • B: It authenticates and classifies all traffic entering the network with policy management and differentiated access.
  • C: It is available only as a hardware appliance for enterprise sites and as a virtual machine appliance for remote locations.
  • D: It provides IT administers with visibility to and reporting for all devices on the network except IoT devices.

Question 6
At customer site, you try to log on to their Wi-Fi network with your mobile phone. You have no trouble accessing the network with a password given to you by an employee. You notice, however, that the portal is generic and does not represent the customer’s brand image. 
Which Aruba product should you recommend to your customer to address their portal issue?

  • A: Meridian
  • B: ClearPass OnGuard
  • C: ClearPass Guest
  • D: ClearPass Exchange

Question 7
In which quadrant did Gartner place Aruba/HPE in its assessment of Wired and Wireless LAN Access infrastructure vendors in 2016?

  • A: Leader
  • B: Challenger
  • C: Visionary
  • D: Niche Player

Question 8
What is a key differentiator for the Aruba networking portfolio?

  • A: Aruba products support layer 1 through 4 services.
  • B: Aruba products helps customers transition to a private cloud.
  • C: Aruba uses a single architecture for its wireless solutions.
  • D: Aruba offers the lowest-cost wireless products on the market.

Question 9
A customer wants to provide a secure VPN so their travelling and remote workers can connect to the corporate resources from their mobile devices. 
Which product should you recommend?

  • A: Aruba Virtual Intranet Access Client
  • B: Aruba 7000 Series Mobility Controllers
  • C: Aruba 3200 Series Mobility Controllers
  • D: HPE Multi-Service Routers

Question 10
Which customer scenario provides the best opportunity for an Aruba mobile-first campus solution?

  • A: Customer is building a new regional headquarter facility.
  • B: Customer is connecting its network to a recently acquired company.
  • C: Customer is performing a hardware refresh in a data center.
  • D: Customer is implementing a teleworker policy for 25% of its workforce.


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