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Exam Using HPE OneView
Number HPE2-T36
File Name Using HPE OneView.VCEplus.HPE2-T36.2020-12-04.1e.39q.vcex
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Posted December 04, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer is concerned about the security of their backups.
Which feature of HPE OneView backups will help address the customer concerns?

  • A: Backups are automatically encrypted.
  • B: Backups are protected with two-factor authentication.
  • C: Backups utilize an external key manager.
  • D: Backups require complex passwords.

Question 2
What is the connection between BIOS and firmware?

  • A: BIOS is firmware that is exclusively used for Wake on LAN (WOL).
  • B: BIOS is firmware that is specific for video cards.
  • C: BIOS is firmware that is restricted for use with laptops.
  • D: BIOS is firmware that is only used during the booting process.

Question 3
What does the HPE OneView Global Dashboard provide?

  • A: Adds a layer of security beyond what HPE OneView delivers on its own.
  • B: Offers the ability to manage non-HPE devices.
  • C: Extends the unified management view across all of your data centers.
  • D: Reduces the number of appliances needed to manage your environment.

Question 4
An administrator is creating server profiles in HPE OneView for provisioning SAN volumes for HPE ProLiant DL systems.
Which option will the administrator need to configure manually?

  • A: firmware
  • B: OS Deployment
  • C: connections
  • D: local storage 

Question 5
You receive an alert stating that the firmware version installed does not match version in the firmware baseline specified in the server profile.
Which corrective action should you perform?

  • A: reapply the server profile
  • B: delete the server profile
  • C: replace the server
  • D: create a new server profile

Question 6
You are in the process of adding an HPE 3PAR storage array to HPE OneView.
After successfully adding the storage array, which step needs to be completed to enable volume provisioning with HPE OneView?

  • A: The presented CPGs need to be set to "managed".
  • B: Virtual Volumes need to be created on the array.
  • C: The presented CPGs need to be set to "discovered".
  • D: Storage Pools need to be created within HPE OneView.

Question 7
A customer is trying to upload an additional SPP to the OneView appliance, but receives an error message stating that there is not enough internal space available.
What can the customer change on the appliance to enable the upload?

  • A: Present an additional disk drive
  • B: Enable compression for SPPs
  • C: Add a web server as an external repository
  • D: Attach an external USB drive

Question 8
Which HPE products include the HPE Intelligent Provisioning tool by default? (Choose two.)

  • A: HPE ProLiant servers
  • B: HPE Aruba network solutions
  • C: HPE All-Flash arrays
  • D: HPE Synergy
  • E: HPE Composable Fabric

Question 9
You need to troubleshoot your HPE OneView appliance, and HPE support has requested a support dump.
What do you need to consider before you create the support dump? (Choose two.)

  • A: Creating the support dump deletes any previous support dump files.
  • B: By default, the created support dump file will be sent automatically to HPE support.
  • C: Creating the support dump deletes the backup file that exists on HPE OneView.
  • D: By default, all data in the support dump file is not encrypted.
  • E: Creating the support dump can take several hours.

Question 10
What will occur if you modify the hardware type in a server profile that was created using a server profile template?

  • A: The server profile template will be updated.
  • B: A new server profile template will be created.
  • C: A warning will show for being inconsistent.
  • D: The firmware baseline will always be reapplied.


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