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Exam Using HPE OneView
Number HPE2-T34
File Name Using HPE OneView.lead2pass.HPE2-T34.1e.47q.vcex
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Posted January 18, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer has a mixture of Gen8 and newer DL and BL devices. They want to enable support automation and run inventory reports on their devices. They are currently using Insight Control but are considering HPE OneView. They can’t have any downtime on the devices if they change management strategies. What option is most efficient for them?

  • A: Move to HPE OneView Advanced with Remote Support enabled.
  • B: Move to HPE OneView Standard with Remote Support enabled.
  • C: Stay on Insight Control and activate a Proactive Care contract.
  • D: Stay on Insight Control and enable Insight Online.

Question 2
Your customer needs to downgrade the firmware on a number of blades because they experienced issues with the current firmware. The customer modifies the server profile to the required firmware baseline and selects update, but the firmware downgrade is not successful. 
What step needs to be taken to ensure the firmware downgrade is applied?

  • A: Set the firmware baseline to “Managed Manually”
  • B: Select the “Force installation” option to downgrade the firmware
  • C: Create and assign a new server profile for the affected servers
  • D: Contact HPE support to obtain a one-time password to enable firmware downgrade

Question 3
A company wants to integrate an acquired company’s infrastructure into their existing Synergy 3 frame environment. They currently have 286 VLANs in their operational network set. They want to add 153 new VLANs into the configuration. What would you recommend?

  • A: Integrate the new networks into the existing network set.
  • B: Purchase a second three frame configuration for the new company.
  • C: Create a second network set for the new VLANs.
  • D: Add a second fabric domain to the existing configuration to support the new networks.

Question 4
You have a new HPE BladeSystem C7000 enclosure to add to your existing HPE OneView appliance as a managed resource. What is the proper PowerShell Cmdlet to achieve this task?

  • A: Add-HPOVEnclosure –Hostname –Username Administrator –Password [email protected]
  • B: Add-HPOVServer –Hostname –Username Administrator –Password [email protected]
  • C: New-HPOVLogicalEnclosure –Name
  • D: Add-HPOVPowerDevice –Hostname –Username admin –Password [email protected]

Question 5
A customer has a strict change control environment. How do Server Profile Templates help with change control policies?

  • A: They allow users to define configurations once and within minutes.
  • B: They help to monitor, flag, and update server profiles in HPE OneView.
  • C: They allow server profile mobility.
  • D: They provision hardware quickly.

Question 6
How does HPE OneView 4.0 along with HPE ProLiant Gen 10 benefit customers who are concerned about malware attacks?

  • A: Continuously scans server firmware for malware code.
  • B: Introduces Trusted Platform Module 2.0 support.
  • C: Provides a Secure Boot option setting as part of the server profile.
  • D: Forces secure boot for both Legacy and UEFI BIOS mode.

Question 7
A server administrator is integrating HPE OneView authentication with Active Directory and needs to add read-only access to members of a domain group. Which steps are part of the procedure? (Choose two.)

  • A: Add the domain group in Users and Groups menu.
  • B: Define the Active Directory domain and associated directory server(s) in Directory settings.
  • C: Add the domain group as Base DN in Directory settings.
  • D: Add the domain group as Organization Unit in Directory settings.
  • E: Add the Active directory server in Users and Groups menu.

Question 8
A system administrator needs to update the firmware in all Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules. This needs to be done during a maintenance window, when the servers are powered off. Which firmware activation setting performs the update in the shortest possible time?

  • A: serial
  • B: custom
  • C: parallel
  • D: odd/even

Question 9
When deploying the HPE OneView virtual appliance in a VMware ESXi environment, what disk format does HPE recommend to use?

  • A: Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed
  • B: Full Provision
  • C: Thick Provision Eager Zeroed
  • D: Thin Provision

Question 10
An administrator needs to add multiple BladeSystem c7000 enclosures to a new instance of HPE OneView. The enclosures are currently being monitored by a different instance of HPE OneView. What must the administrator do before beginning importing the enclosure to the new HPE OneView appliance?

  • A: Delete the enclosure from the current OneView Appliance
  • B: Edit the Enclosure license to be OneView Advanced
  • C: Add Frame Link Module
  • D: Add enclosure for management


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