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Exam Using HPE OneView
Number HPE2-T34
File Name Using HPE OneView.PracticeTest.HPE2-T34.2018-11-22.1e.33q.vcex
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Posted November 22, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which REST API headers are recommended when creating a new Ethernet network? (Choose two.)

  • A: Content-Type
  • B: X-API-Version
  • C: Accept-Language
  • D: Accept-CharSet

Question 2
Where can an administrator select the firmware baseline for a specific Synergy compute node?

  • A: Logical Interconnect Group
  • B: Server Profile
  • C: Image Streamer
  • D: Intelligent Provisioning

Question 3
Which enhanced security feature is unavailable within HPE OneView?

  • A: configure firewall rules
  • B: role-based access control
  • C: two-factor authentication
  • D: SNMP v3

Question 4
A customer has HPE OneView 1.2 and wants to upgrade to 4.0. What is the correct procedure?

  • A: import all virtual connect manager environments and then upgrade directly to 4.0
  • B: upgrade directly to 4.0
  • C: upgrade to 3.1, import all virtual connect manager environments, then upgrade to 4.0
  • D: upgrade to 3.1 and then upgrade to 4.0

Question 5
What is required for a user to authenticate to an HPE OneView appliance configured for two-factor authentication?

  • A: Smartcard
  • B: Self-signed certificate
  • C: SMS
  • D: One-time Passwords

Question 6
You plan to add a user account that can only manage a subset of resources. You notice that the Scope field only lists All Resources when creating the user. What is the cause of this behavior?

  • A: Scopes can only be assigned when using certain roles.
  • B: Scopes can only be assigned after creating the user account.
  • C: Scopes cannot be used if roles are assigned to the user account.
  • D: Scopes must be defined before assigning them to user accounts.

Question 7
A customer has deployed the HPE OneView virtual appliance and is getting an error message when they attempt to import a Synergy frame for management. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A: Synergy frames require additional HA requirements for the virtual appliance.
  • B: Synergy frames are managed by the HPE Composer.
  • C: The backup IPv6 address of the Frame Link module was used during the import.
  • D: The HPE OneView virtual appliance has the wrong database size.

Question 8
What types of activities can be displayed in the Activity section of the HPE OneView UI? (Choose two.)

  • A: tasks
  • B: alerts
  • C: connections
  • D: deployments
  • E: email notifications

Question 9
A customer creates a server profile template with two new volumes. The first is an 8 GB LUN for the boot drive. The second is a 500 GB LUN for the ESXi cluster shared storage. After the server profiles are assigned to the servers they each have an 8 GB drive and a 500 GB drive but the 500 GB drive isn’t shared across the member nodes within the cluster. 
What is the most likely problem with the Server Profile Template?

  • A: Mapping multiple LUNs aren’t supported with HPE OneView Server Profile Templates.
  • B: Both volumes were created as Private.
  • C: The incorrect logical disk type was selected.
  • D: ESXi can’t share drives created dynamically via HPE OneView.

Question 10
An administrator is configuring a server profile template, but does not see the Ethernet network called “VLAN 210” that had been created earlier. What could be the cause?

  • A: VLAN 210 was never configured in the Logical Interconnect Group.
  • B: VLAN 210 is already in a Network Set.
  • C: VLAN 210 does not exist on the upstream switches.
  • D: VLAN 210 has Private Network enabled.


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