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Exam Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is one way HPE differentiates itself as a provider of hybrid cloud solutions?

  • A: HPE enables companies to customize their solutions with a Unified API
  • B: HPE provides hybrid cloud solutions that integrate with the top two public cloud providers
  • C: HPE provides development tools for public and private clouds
  • D: HPE provides a superior public cloud experience and seamless integration with private clouds

Question 2
Which issue is one of the business drivers for HPE GreenLake?

  • A: Flat growth
  • B: Increased price competition
  • C: Inefficient workflows for line of business
  • D: Long procurement cycles

Question 3
Which correctly describes how customers are using public cloud today?

  • A: Just under half of customers run any workloads in the public cloud, and they are primarily SMBs.
  • B: A majority of customers now run the majority of their workloads in the public cloud.
  • C: Most customers are using public cloud services, but only a small minority of workloads actually run in the public cloud.
  • D: Only about ten percent of customers run any workloads in the public cloud, but they are the largest enterprises.

Question 4
What is one key value that customers are seeking from their data platform?

  • A: Automation to deliver data on demand
  • B: Ability to perform a wholesale migration from on-prem to cloud
  • C: Less of a concentration on hybrid environments as most data is on-prem
  • D: Ability to use run analytics on tape for lower costs

Question 5
What is one of the trends in how customers are using public cloud services?

  • A: Most customers have consolidated their public cloud services onto a single public cloud.
  • B: A majority of customers have moved some cloud services back on-prem in the last year.
  • C: A majority of customers have fewer concerns about how public clouds handle data sovereignty than they did two years ago.
  • D: In the next two years, customers plan to move about 75 percent of workloads to public clouds.

Question 6
What is an accurate, helpful description of HPE GreenLake?

  • A: HPE GreenLake is a fully customizable, consumption-based IT solution, which gives customers pay-as-you-go funding.
  • B: HPE GreenLake offers customers fully customized IT solutions that can be funded via a lease or subscription.
  • C: HPE GreenLake is an environmental initiative that lets customers pool their hardware in one “lake”, to simultaneously cut spending and prevent unnecessary manufacturing pollution.
  • D: HPE GreenLake is an AI-based security solution that equips customers with the firmware-level protection they need for their legacy infrastructure.

Question 7
What is a key distinguishing feature of HPE composable infrastructure solutions?

  • A: HPE provides separate, dedicated infrastructure solutions for storage, compute, and networking so that each solution is optimized for its function.
  • B: HPE provides all the automation tools that customers might require so that customers can eliminate existing tools and reduce costs.
  • C: HPE gives customers a choice of how they deploy workloads on the infrastructure, whether on bare metal, virtualized, or in containers.
  • D: HPE composable infrastructure solutions do not include an API so that customers can choose their own preferred API for programming the solution.

Question 8
What is one challenge many customers face in implementing containers?

  • A: While IT sees the value of containers, developers are reluctant to deploy them.
  • B: The options for container solutions can be confusing to distinguish.
  • C: There are not enough options for container solutions in the market.
  • D: Their environments are virtualized, and containers and virtualization cannot coexist.

Question 9
What is an accurate trend in how companies procure infrastructure?

  • A: More companies are looking for a pay-as-you-go model, event for on-prem infrastructure.
  • B: After experimenting with pay-as-you-go in the cloud, more and more customers want to return to a traditional CAPEX model.
  • C: Most customers do not have a preference towards CAPEX or OPEX as long as they like the solution.
  • D: Companies are trying to pay for their infrastructure upfront to avoid interest cost.

Question 10
What is one distinguishing characteristic of HPE InfoSight?

  • A: It increases durability for data stored in the cloud by using multiple cloud providers.
  • B: It gives customers deep insight into the packets that flow across the data center and into the cloud.
  • C: It uses User and Endpoint Behavior Analysis (UEBA) to detect suspicious behavior.
  • D: It helps find issues that cut across siloes with cross-stack analytics.


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