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Exam Selling the Value of HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
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File Name Selling the Value of HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.braindumps.HPE2-E70.1e.24q.vcex
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Posted November 30, 1999
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your customer has data stored in containers throughout an infrastructure that is virtualized from the core to the edge. The company is struggling to keep IT admins up to date with the skills needed to manage data and move it to where it needs to be. Which aspect of the HPE portfolio should you discuss with this customer to qualify the opportunity?

  • A: Intelligent storage solutions
  • B: Everything as a Service solutions
  • C: Software-defined solutions
  • D: Hybrid cloud solutions

Question 2
HPE software-defined infrastructure solutions are designed to meet the needs of what types of customers?

  • A: Customers who are interested in moving all their workloads to a public cloud hosting service to remove the on-premises component of their IT.
  • B: Customers who need to keep the data and processes of each team within the organization separated into individual silos.
  • C: Customers who want to gain stronger and more reliable IT capabilities by adding more hardware to their existing traditional data center.
  • D: Customers who are looking to replace to replace their aging, complex infrastructure with a simplified anf flexible solution.

Question 3
What is the benefit HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity offers customers?

  • A: It provides a public cloud solution, allowing them to migrate their services to an easily accessible cloud.
  • B: It provides the ease-of-use and pay-as-you-go advantages of public cloud for an on-premises solution.
  • C: It helps customer’s quality for low-cost leases for HPE-only solutions.
  • D: Its on-premises-only workload deployment strategy saves them the expense of deploying workloads off premises.

Question 4
What is the way public cloud solutions introduce security risks to customers?

  • A: By law, public cloud providers are required to disclose the names and locations of their customers.
  • B: The shared, multi-tenant nature of the public cloud opens up additional avenues of attack.
  • C: It is easier to code viruses for the public cloud, making it a common starting point for hackers.
  • D: Public cloud providers offer zero security measures so any one can access confidential data at any time.

Question 5
Your customer is interested in a solution that will scale immediately to provide the capacity the company needs. However, the customer isn’t sure why HPE EaaS is better than moving to the public cloud. How should you respond to highlight the advantages of the HPE EaaS?

  • A: Public cloud isn’t as great as you think. Have you read any recent reports from industry analysts about the downfalls of cloud?
  • B: The flexibility of public cloud comes with some risks. How would a service provider outage affect your reputation and bottom line?
  • C: The cost of the public cloud is continuously in fluctuation. Wouldn’t you rather have a flat, consistent monthly bill?
  • D: Public cloud may be the latest trend, but wouldn’t you rather have a solution that sets you apart from your competitors?

Question 6
What is the way that intelligent storage helps customers address business issues? (Choose two.)

  • A: Control cloud spend with cost and utilization insights for all cloud services.
  • B: Reduce time to stand up infrastructure from hours to minutes.
  • C: Optimize data to the right economic model.
  • D: Ensure that data complies with regulations and security policies.
  • E: Manage resources and services across a hybrid cloud environment.

Question 7
What role do most CIOs believe IT should fulfill in an organization?

  • A: It is a strategic advisor who can help make the best technology and find opportunities for innovation.
  • B: It can easily double as a customer service team due to its familiarity and insights into common account tools.
  • C: It should have the final say on all technology decisions and purchases to help the business stay competitive.
  • D: It is becoming redundant due to an increasingly tech-savvy workforse, and so should be reduced to save money.

Question 8
How should you tailor the conversation to best engage an organization’s line of business (LOB) decision makers?

  • A: Dig into specifics for each solution or product that you propose.
  • B: Avoid talking about IT-related topics as LOB managers aren’t involved in IT spending.
  • C: Highlight the purchase price of HPE solutions and compare costs against competitors.
  • D: Focus on how an IT solution can help them address their business problem while keeping costs low.

Question 9
What is the way that HPE Synergy helps customers to accelerate innovation? (Choose two.)

  • A: Its machine learning algorithms enable IT to resolve problems before they cause issues.
  • B: Its template-based provisioning approach cuts service deployment time from weeks to minutes.
  • C: Its Data Virtualization Platform makes data more accessible to IT and speeds IT processes.
  • D: Its siloed approach to resource deployment ensures that each IT team can work at peak efficiency.

Question 10
Your customer is frustrated because the company has multiple cloud service providers but cannot predict how much they will be invoiced by any of the providers. Which HPE solution would address this customer’s problem?

  • A: HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL
  • B: HPE SimpliVity with Composable Fabric
  • C: HPE Nimble
  • D: HPE OneSphere


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