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Exam Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Services
Number HPE2-E69
File Name Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Services.prep4sure.HPE2-E69.2019-02-22.1e.128q.vcex
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Posted February 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Where does HPE believe the next wave of innovation will happen?

  • A: private and public cloud
  • B: traditional IT
  • C: Intelligent Edge
  • D: hybrid IT

Question 2
Why is it important to meet with other influential decision makers in a company?

  • A: As more companies move to public cloud, the IT manager role is no longer involved in IT purchases.
  • B: Your credibility increases when you are able to converse effectively with leaders in business, finance, and technical roles.
  • C: Because most companies are moving from an OPEX to a CAPEX funding model, top executives need to approve large purchases associated with IT projects.
  • D: It allows you to present technical information about products to executives outside of IT.

Question 3
What is one trend that is driving customers to implement Hadoop?

  • A: the shift toward systems of record
  • B: the development of SQL databases
  • C: the proliferation of unstructured data
  • D: the expansion of structured data

Question 4
Which key benefit of HPE Synergy helps to distinguish HPE from the competition?

  • A: the ability to dynamically deploy location-based service apps to customer mobile devices
  • B: the ability to integrate IoT devices into the network with minimal security risk
  • C: the ability to support virtualized workloads from leading vendors such as VMware
  • D: the ability to independently scale compute and storage resources, and redefine them dynamically

Question 5
What is one way today’s apps and data are different from the past?

  • A: They are not expanding as rapidly as they once were, but require more dedicated security.
  • B: They live on multiple platforms, from the data center, the cloud, and the network edge.
  • C: They are more likely to be coded with proprietary software languages.
  • D: They are consolidated in a centralized data center and typically accessed in one way.

Question 6
You are meeting with a customer who is considering a VDI solution. Which customer characteristic indicates that an HPE hosted desktop solution could meet the customer’s needs better than traditional VDI?

  • A: IT wants to deploy virtual desktop environments directly from VMware.
  • B: Users need to run demanding, graphics-intensive applications.
  • C: IT has an initiative to centralize and consolidate desktop management.
  • D: The customer prefers application virtualization to VDI.

Question 7
What is one imperative for IT in order to support today’s new generation of apps and data?

  • A: It must deploy IoT devices that support next-gen analytics workloads.
  • B: It must expand the data center footprint.
  • C: It must extend change management lifecycles to reduce risk.
  • D: It must be able to scale quickly and seamlessly.

Question 8
You are investigating an HPE Hybrid IT sales opportunity, and the customer mentions that staff members use automation tools such as Ansible and Chef. 
What does the use of these tools indicate about the opportunity?

  • A: This customer is probably a better prospect for HPE Intelligent Edge, because the company needs a modern network environment to use these tools successfully.
  • B: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Hybrid IT solutions, which is designed to enhance the power of configuration automation tools such as these.
  • C: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Hybrid IT solutions, which integrate with these tools to create a fully-programmable infrastructure.
  • D: This customer is not good prospect for an HPE Hybrid IT solution at this point, because the company has already invested in automation tools.

Question 9
What is one reason that companies are turning to virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions?

  • A: VDI often provides twice the performance of traditional desktop infrastructure.
  • B: Deploying VDI takes less advance planning than enabling users to access resources through a VPN.
  • C: VDI ensures that the data users access most often is stored locally and is easily accessible.
  • D: IT can manage the desktop environment much more easily and quickly with VDI.

Question 10
Which need indicates that the customer could be a good prospect for an HPE Hosted Desktop solution?

  • A: The customer wants employees to be able to share workspace more flexible, but some employees need to run compute-heavy applications.
  • B: The customer needs to modernize their databases to make them more responsive to employees who access them from local desktops and mobile devices.
  • C: The customer wants to shift desktop delivery to an OPEX-based model by hosting the desktops in the HPE public cloud.
  • D: The customer wants a service provider to help IT manage local desktops more efficiently, based on best practices for security.


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