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Exam Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Services
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File Name Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Services.braindumps.HPE2-E69.2018-09-21.1e.76q.vcex
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You have identified a hybrid IT prospect. Which discovery question can you use to open the conversation?

  • A: Are you worried about the security risks of IoT devices?
  • B: How are you attracting talented workers with an innovative office space?
  • C: How are you changing your data center in response to digital disruption?
  • D: Are you ready to move away from the cloud and back to a traditional data center?

Question 2
You are discussing a customer’s data center strategy, and the customer mentions that developers have started to use Docker. What does this indicate about the opportunity?

  • A: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Hybrid IT solutions, but you must convince decision makers that Docker is not a good choice for them.
  • B: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Intelligent Edge solutions, which integrate Docker intelligence into location-based services.
  • C: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Hybrid IT solutions, which can synchronize infrastructure automation with Docker automation.
  • D: This customer could be a good prospect for HPE Intelligent Edge solutions, which accelerate the analysis of data collected at the edge and imported into Docker.

Question 3
How should you respond to a customer who has questions of concerns about the number of HPE spinoffs and acquisitions in the last few years?

  • A: These changes did not affect company’s portfolio, so you do not need be concerned about them.
  • B: These changes were required in order to divest the company of all networking solutions and services.
  • C: These changes give HPE the ability to be more innovative and to respond more quickly to technology changes.
  • D: These changes allow HPE to focus on products and solutions, and eliminate professional services from their offerings.

Question 4
What is one way disruptive technologies such as big data and next-gen analytics help protect companies?

  • A: They are resistant to attacks because they have a distributed architecture.
  • B: They keep data analytics operations safely behind the data center firewall.
  • C: They redirect attacks to cloud-based security services environments.
  • D: They enable sophisticated threat detection all the way to the edge of the network.

Question 5
How do IT teams typically spend the majority of their time?

  • A: creating new apps
  • B: learning about next-gen technologies
  • C: working on innovation initiatives
  • D: doing ongoing maintenance tasks

Question 6
How does the new HPE Cloud Cruiser product help customers manage and optimize IT usage in their organization?

  • A: with flash storage capabilities
  • B: with entity behavior analytics
  • C: through consumption analytics software
  • D: via a suite management and security platforms

Question 7
How does artificial intelligence help businesses get the most out of their IoT implementations?

  • A: It enables them to enhance the security for data collected by the devices.
  • B: It provides a mechanism to change their business priorities on the fly.
  • C: It enables them to archive the vast amounts of data collected by the IoT devices.
  • D: It gives then real-time insights into IoT data improve their business outcomes.

Question 8
Which customer statement indicates an HPE Intelligent Edge opportunity?

  • A: “We need a high-performance computing (HPC) solution so that we can analyze data more quickly.”
  • B: “Our developers need to roll out applications much more quickly.”
  • C: “We need to break down the silos within our data center.”
  • D: “We need help making our company more attractive for young, talented millennials.”

Question 9
What is one trend that drives demand for more performance than legacy mobile networks can provide?

  • A: the shift from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to local desktop services
  • B: the acceleration of development cycles for cloud native applications
  • C: the shift from public cloud services to hybrid and private cloud services
  • D: the proliferation of voice, unified communications, and video applications

Question 10
Which customer initiative suggests an opportunity to discuss HPE solutions to keep the network secure?

  • A: implementing IoT
  • B: gaining real-time insight from archived data
  • C: tracking workspace utilization
  • D: driving customer engagement


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