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Exam Selling HPE Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Services
Number HPE2-E69
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is one distinguishing feature of Aruba solutions for retail customers?

  • A: Aruba ClearPass simplifies the deployment of access points (APs) at small branch sites such as retail outlets.
  • B: Aruba unified communications (UC) solutions provide a cost-effective, but feature-rich alternative to Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • C: Aruba high performance computing (HPC) solutions are cost-effective enough for retailers to use at the network edge.
  • D: Aruba Location Services help retailers engage with their customers with wayfinding tools and context-based notifications.

Question 2
Why should HPE partners understand the advantages that HPE Financial Services offer?

  • A: By 2021 a majority of IT expenditures will be based on pay-as-you-go and pay-per use models.
  • B: By 2018 a majority of companies will increase their IT budgets by 25%.
  • C: In 2017 a majority of companies moved their services from private cloud to public cloud.
  • D: By 2019 a majority of companies will be using leasing options.

Question 3
Which desire indicates a customer who is interested in transforming to an IT as Service (ITaaS) approach?

  • A: The customer wants to improve user experience in an open environment.
  • B: The customer wants to reduce costs and regain control of the data center.
  • C: The customer wants to accelerate provisioning to provide on-demand IT.
  • D: The customer wants deep insights into big data collected at the edge.

Question 4
Which customer initiative suggests an opportunity to discuss HPE solutions for location-based services?

  • A: implementing IoT
  • B: driving customer engagement
  • C: providing disaster recovery for a site
  • D: increasing database efficiency

Question 5
What is a simple way to describe digital transformation to customers?

  • A: IoT devices are replacing traditional desktop computers.
  • B: Everything around us is becoming connected and sharing data.
  • C: New apps are being created to stop data from growing so quickly.
  • D: Apps and data are merging into a single platform.

Question 6
What is one way Aruba networking solutions improve the user experience?

  • A: by ensuring all forms of traffic are treated in the same way
  • B: by providing high-speed WI-FI with wire-like reliability
  • C: by redirecting compute-intensive apps to wired connections
  • D: by giving mobile devices highest priority on the network

Question 7
A customer is interested in open source cloud technologies. What should you tell the customer about HPE Hybrid IT solutions?

  • A: HPE recommends against open source-based solutions because they tend to lock customers in.
  • B: HPE recommends open source approaches only for customers who need to integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • C: HPE has years of expertise in proprietary cloud technologies, which are better fit for most customers.
  • D: HPE has extensive partnerships with open source projects such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Question 8
What is one benefit of the private cloud model?

  • A: It offers more scalability than public cloud.
  • B: It enables self-service provisioning within the customer’s IT infrastructure.
  • C: It removes the need for making capital expenditures in the data center.
  • D: It requires fewer IT resources than public cloud.

Question 9
Which business sector is an ideal target for HPE Intelligent Edge solutions that help to transform the customer experience?

  • A: government
  • B: manufacturing
  • C: shipping
  • D: hospitality

Question 10
A customer mentions that employees are using hot-desk workspaces. What should you ask?

  • A: Ask how the customer is managing desktop sharing to qualify the customer for an HPE-hosted solution.
  • B: Ask how the customer is aligning employee needs with IT operations to an HPE Hybrid IT solution.
  • C: Ask how the customer is monitoring desktop utilization to qualify the customer for an Aruba User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution.
  • D: Ask how the customer is developing intelligent workspace to qualify the customer for an HPE cloud-based development platform.


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