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Exam HPE IT Business Conversations
Number HPE2-E67
File Name HP.PracticeDumps.HPE2-E67.2017-12-23.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted December 23, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Forrester, an independent market analyst, places HPE as a Leader in the private cloud market.  
What is one area in which HPE distinguished itself?

  • A: ease of deployment
  • B: public cloud offerings
  • C: DoD compliance
  • D: automated provisioning

Question 2
What is one benefit of the HPE OneView Unified API?

  • A: It provides unified and policy based access control for employees through a single interface.
  • B: It allows the customer to eliminate third party configuration automation tools from their data center.
  • C: It allows the customer to automate tasks, such as provisioning servers, with one line of code.
  • D: It uses XML, a programming language with a long track record and wide-spread adoption by customers.

Question 3
What is the world’s most deployed server?

  • A: HPE ProLiant DL560
  • B: HPE ProLiant DL580
  • C: HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen 9
  • D: HPE ProLiant DL380

Question 4
When competing against vendors such as IBM, Cisco, VMware and EMC VCE, what should you avoid with your customer?

  • A: getting caught up in endless comparisons, trying to match feature against feature
  • B: discussing information regarding HPE success in cloud computing
  • C: complementing the competition
  • D: discussing price as a competitive advantage

Question 5
When you are meeting with a customer who is comparing your solutions against the competition, what is the best way to convince them that HPE is the best solution?

  • A: Emphasize the services component of the solution rather than doing a hardware comparison.
  • B: Match the solution to the critical KPIs they use as determining factors.
  • C: Present a solution that is cheaper than the competition.
  • D: Compare and contrast HPE solutions and their competitors.

Question 6
What is the industry’s most complete, fully integrated, end-to-end hybrid cloud solution?

  • A: HPE ProLiant Gen9
  • B: HPE BladeSystem c7000
  • C: HPE Helion CloudSystem
  • D: HPE Converged 380

Question 7
HPE OneView saves the customer time and money in which area?

  • A: CAPEX
  • B: application licensing costs
  • C: OPEX
  • D: support costs

Question 8
What is one way that HPE OneView transforms customers’ IT environment?

  • A: It manages user access for wired and mobile users in a unified fashion.
  • B: It provides sophisticated tools for designing platform as a service (Paas) for agile software development.
  • C: It provides zero touch provisioning for network infrastructure at branch offices.
  • D: It automates infrastructure firmware updates and lowers risks for the updates.

Question 9
What distinguishes HPE from competing vendors in the hybrid infrastructure market?

  • A: HPE offers a comprehensive solution from infrastructure to private cloud, to managed cloud, to public cloud, to services.
  • B: HPE offers a private cloud based on market-leading proprietary code.
  • C: HPE partners with other vendors to provide the cloud infrastructure.
  • D: HPE fully eliminates traditional IT infrastructure from the hybrid infrastructure solution.

Question 10
What storage solution creates a dynamic and easily managed pool of block storage that customers can scale in any direction and move data freely across locations?

  • A: VSA (virtual storage appliance)
  • B: DAS (direct attached storage)
  • C: SAN (storage area network)
  • D: NAS (network attached storage)


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