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Exam Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Number HPE0-V14
File Name Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.testkings.HPE0-V14.2020-05-12.1e.36q.vcex
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Posted May 12, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit. 


A customer has been using VEEAM and the HPE StoreOnce 3620 shown in the exhibit to backup their environment. The customer’s legal team has asked to double their retention times for all backup sets, and they are starting to run out of space on the StoreOnce. 
Which options could you recommend that the customer add to their existing configuration to accommodate the new requirement? (Select two. Each option represents a separate solution.)

  • A: HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage
  • B: HPE StoreOnce 3620 24TB Capacity Upgrade Kit
  • C: HPE StoreOnce Gen4 16Gb Fibre Channel Network Card
  • D: HPE StoreOnce Gen4 10/25Gb SFP Network card
  • E: HPE D3710 Storage Enclosure

Question 2
A customer needs NFS access on a fiber channel array. 
What must be included in the solution to meet this requirement?

  • A: StoreEver
  • B: Storage File Controller
  • C: Smart Array Controller
  • D: StoreOnce RMC

Question 3
What is the correct cable type to use when connecting a pair of switches using Long Range (LR) Transceivers?

  • A: Direct Attach Cable (DAC)
  • B: Twin-Ax
  • C: Single Mode Fiber
  • D: Multi-mode Fiber

Question 4
When is it appropriate for a customer to implement HPE OneView Standard?

  • A: To manage multiple servers
  • B: To monitor their services
  • C: To enable the Advanced iLO license
  • D: To update firmware

Question 5
A customer needs a single, dual-processor server for an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for a single office. The customer application uses a mix of HDDs and SSDs and up to 3TB of RAM. 
Which HPE Solution should you propose?

  • A: HPE Synergy Solution
  • B: HPE Apollo 2000 Server
  • C: HPE ML350 Gen10
  • D: HPE ML110 Gen10

Question 6
What should you configure to limit the scope of broadcast domains in an Ethernet network?

  • A: Trunks
  • B: VSAN
  • C: Static ARP
  • D: VLAN

Question 7
You are validating a configuration prior to quoting it for the customer. You plan to propose the following configuration:
Two HPE DL380 Gen10 servers with dual processors, 256GB of memory, dual 10Gb NICs, SN1100Q 16Gb dual port FC HBA, dual 800W power supplies, and high temperature fan kit 
HPE Nimble HF20H with 11TB storage, 960GB of cache, dual port 10GbE NIC, and 16Gb dual port FC adapter kit 
Two SN3000B FC Switches 
Which tool should you use to verify firmware compatibility between the storage and server components in this proposed solution?

  • A: HPE NinjaSTARS
  • B: HPE One Configuration Advanced
  • C: HPE OneView Advanced

Question 8
A Network administrator connects two switches together with multiple links of the same speed, duplex, and media type. The administrator expected the links to be aggregated, but they are not. The administrator confirmed that the ports are part of the appropriate link aggregation groups and that the permitted VLANs match. 
Switch A has the lower LACP System Priority. 
Which LACP operation states describe the failure above?

  • A: Switch A: Active; Switch B: Active
  • B: Switch A: Active; Switch B: Passive
  • C: Switch A: Passive; Switch B: Passive
  • D: Switch A: Passive; Switch B: Active

Question 9
Refer to the exhibit. 


The information shown is displayed for a Nimble array you are installing. The customer’s administrator has asked you for the speed at which the Nimble ports are connecting to their SAN switches, and you have run the command shown to determine the number of gigabits per second used by this port connection. 
What speed does the exhibit indicate is in use?

  • A: 18
  • B: 32
  • C: 6
  • D: 8

Question 10
An HPE customer wants to perform is simplified update of firmware and drivers among their 100 HPE Gen9 and Gen10 racked servers. 
Which HPE software tool should the customer use to minimize the time required to perform this activity.

  • A: HPE Smart Update Manager
  • B: HPE OneView Standard
  • C: HPE ProLiant Support Pack
  • D: HPE iLO Amplifier Pack


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