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Exam Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Number HPE0-V14
File Name Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.testking.HPE0-V14.2020-04-07.1e.25q.vcex
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Posted April 07, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A security client needs a surveillance solution to support 239 Cameras. They expect to generate 2PB of data and require a 10Gb network infrastructure in a single rack. 
Which solution should you recommend to meet the customer requirements?

  • A: HPE Moonshot
  • B: HPE MSA
  • C: HPE Apollo Servers
  • D: HPE SimplVity 380

Question 2
A customer needs NFS access on a fiber channel array. 
What must be included in the solution to meet this requirement?

  • A: StoreEver
  • B: Storage File Controller
  • C: Smart Array Controller
  • D: StoreOnce RMC

Question 3
What is the correct cable type to use when connecting a pair of switches using Long Range (LR) Transceivers?

  • A: Direct Attach Cable (DAC)
  • B: Twin-Ax
  • C: Single Mode Fiber
  • D: Multi-mode Fiber

Question 4
When is it appropriate for a customer to implement HPE OneView Standard?

  • A: To manage multiple servers
  • B: To monitor their services
  • C: To enable the Advanced iLO license
  • D: To update firmware

Question 5
What is an access port on an Ethernet switch?

  • A: A port that carries FCP frames inside the network
  • B: A port that carries mulitple VLANs
  • C: A port that is connected to an FCF
  • D: A port that carries untagged frames inside the network

Question 6
A Network administrator connects two switches together with multiple links of the same speed, duplex, and media type. The administrator expected the links to be aggregated, but they are not. The administrator confirmed that the ports are part of the appropriate link aggregation groups and that the permitted VLANs match. 
Switch A has the lower LACP System Priority. 
Which LACP operation states describe the failure above?

  • A: Switch A: Active; Switch B: Active
  • B: Switch A: Active; Switch B: Passive
  • C: Switch A: Passive; Switch B: Passive
  • D: Switch A: Passive; Switch B: Active

Question 7
An HPE customer wants to perform is simplified update of firmware and drivers among their 100 HPE Gen9 and Gen10 racked servers. 
Which HPE software tool should the customer use to minimize the time required to perform this activity.

  • A: HPE Smart Update Manager
  • B: HPE OneView Standard
  • C: HPE ProLiant Support Pack
  • D: HPE iLO Amplifier Pack

Question 8
A customer wants to install an HPE Proliant server that has a single dual port 10Gb NIC. 
Which NIC feature should you introduce to allow each 10Gb port to be seen as four individual adapters in the operating system?

  • A: NPAR
  • B: RoCE
  • C: FCoE
  • D: RDMA

Question 9
A retail company recently implemented a Video surveillance solution. They now need an MSA storage solution with 100TB capacity. They want to be able to add more disk capacity if needed. 
Which HPE tool can help you choose a storage solution, determine the total usable capacity, and create a BOM?

  • B: HPE NinjaSTARS
  • C: HPE Storage Sizing Tool
  • D: HPE One Config Advanced

Question 10
What is a feature of the MSA 1050 that will help your Storage Customer better utilize storage resources?

  • A: block, file, and object access
  • B: Triple+ parity RAID
  • C: Automated Tiering
  • D: 99.9999% guaranteed availability


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