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Exam Designing HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S54
File Name Designing HPE Server Solutions.pass4sure.HPE0-S54.2019-02-25.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted February 25, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
While installing a three frame Synergy solution, only two of the frames are identified during the discovery process. 
What should you do to get resolution?

  • A: Remove and re-insert the standby Composer
  • B: Issue a refresh command to the enclosure
  • C: Open the front panel of the Composer, and read the error message
  • D: Validate Frame Link Module topology

Question 2
What is required to enable Jitter Smoothing technology? (Choose two.)

  • A: HPE Apollo
  • B: ProLiant Gen 10
  • C: HPE Synergy
  • D: HPE Cloudline
  • E: iLO5 Advanced

Question 3
A customer is using HPE Smart Update Manager (SUM) for firmware update. They plan to add 100 Gen10 ProLiant servers, and they are concerned about whether HPE SUM will be able to support this size of installation. 
What other option could the customer use for firmware updates that has increased scalability?

  • A: iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition
  • B: Insight Control server provisioning
  • C: Insight Cluster Management Utility
  • D: iLO Amplifier Pack

Question 4
A customer purchased HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. The customer is transitioning from a physical to a virtual environment. 
Which feature should be enabled to ensure that they get the optimal performance from their new servers?

  • A: UEFI optimized boot
  • B: Integration with an HPE OneView for VMware vCenter
  • C: Performance optimization using the workload profiles
  • D: OneView OS Build Plan

Question 5
You want to form a Synergy management ring. 
Which component is required?

  • A: HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  • B: HPE Synergy Frame Link Module
  • C: HPE Synergy Composer
  • D: HPE Synergy 10 Gb Interconnect Link Module

Question 6
You need to demonstrate the runtime firmware verification scan functionality on a ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server. You find that the option is not available in the UEFI interface. 
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A: The server boot mode is set to UEFI
  • B: The Onboard Administrator has not been initialized
  • C: The file firmware-ilo5- is the incorrect version
  • D: The required iLO license has not been installed

Question 7
What is a benefit of NVMe technology?

  • A: optimized SMB workloads
  • B: minimized network bandwidth
  • C: lower application costs
  • D: low latency data access

Question 8
A c7000 customer wants to expand their server environment. You want to encourage them to move to Synergy to prepare them for the future. 
Which question should you ask?

  • A: Is there a requirement for enhanced security on the management network?
  • B: Do they want to maximize the memory footprint of their servers?
  • C: Does their application workload benefit from persistent memory?
  • D: Are they planning to purchase ProLiant Gen10 servers as part of the project?

Question 9
Your customer is interested in Synergy and composable infrastructure. They are concerned that operational savings may not meet expectations since operating system installation consumes a great deal of time. 
Which feature should you highlight to overcome the objection?

  • A: The Synergy Composer provides HTTPS boot services
  • B: The Synergy Frame Link modules provide PIXE operating boot partitions
  • C: The Synergy Composer can provision operating systems in seconds
  • D: The Synergy Image Streamer can provision operating systems in seconds

Question 10
A customer plans to expand in the future to an HPE Synergy installation with SAS connectivity. 
What should you explain to the customer regarding SAS connectivity?

  • A: External storage devices can be connected to the SAS Synergy switches only if they were installed prior Composer configuration
  • B: SAS connectivity will require additional licenses
  • C: It will be not possible to add SAS connectivity to the existing environment if the logical enclosure is configured
  • D: SAS connectivity is supported only in the first fabric, so it should not be used for any other connections


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