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Exam Building HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S52
File Name Building HPE Server Solutions.passleader.HPE0-S52.2018-10-28.1e.39q.vcex
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Posted October 28, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are benefits of HPE Scalable Persistent Memory? (Select two.)

  • A: utilizes DRAM for application performance with flash backup
  • B: increases memory bandwidth
  • C: increases disk cache memory write performance
  • D: reduces database storage bottlenecks
  • E: optimizes disk drive performance

Question 2
Which technology provides the lowest latency and high bandwidth within high-performance environment?

  • A: Ethernet
  • B: Fibre Channel
  • C: ISCSI
  • D: InfiniBand

Question 3
A customer needs a VSA deployment.  
What do you need to verify within the customer environment prior to deployment?

  • A: the customer has iLO Advanced licenses installed on all services
  • B: the customer has at least one D3940 storage module available
  • C: the network adapters installed in the servers support RDMA
  • D: the customer has a supported hypervisor

Question 4
Match each HPE ProLiant server to its correct definition.  


Question 5
After the iLO has been discovered, an administrator is unable to perform group firmware updates to their DL380 Gen10 server. 
What should the administrator check to diagnose the problem? (Select two.)

  • A: whether the information has been configured on the iLO
  • B: whether single sign-on is enabled on the iLO
  • C: whether the iLO has been added to the DEFAULT users group
  • D: whether the Configure iLO Settings privilege has been added to the group
  • E: whether the iLO has the Advanced license applied

Question 6
A customer has a c7000 enclosure running a mix of G7, Gen8, and Gen9 servers. They are decommissioning their G7 servers and plan to replace them with Gen10 servers. 
Which Gen10 server is the most appropriate replacement?

  • A: SY480 Gen10
  • B: BL460 Gen 10
  • C: DL380 Gen10
  • D: DL360 Gen10

Question 7
Support asks a customer to send them a support log of the server, to be attached to the customer’s case. From the iLO 5 Overview screen, click on the tab that the customer should use to complete support’s request.  


Question 8
A customer needs to purchase a new Synergy frame now and add two more frames and quarter to expand the first Logical Enclosure.  
Which feature allows the customer to add frames without downtime?

  • A: HPE Dynamic Bandwidth Optimizer
  • B: Frictionless scaling
  • C: HPE OneView Advanced License
  • D: Intelligent system tuning

Question 9
An administrator in unable to share the iLO graphic console on a DL380 Gen10 server with another administrator. 
What should the administrator check first to diagnose the problem?

  • A: whether the shared remote console for this server is enabled on the OA level
  • B: whether the iLO has the Advanced license applied
  • C: whether the video cable is property connected to the iLO port
  • D: whether single sign-on is enabled on the iLO

Question 10
A customer needs a video archive repository initially starting at 30TB internal storage. The repository is expected to grow at 20% annually and should have a lifespan of 3 years. 
Which HPE ProLiant server solution meets the customer’s requirements?

  • A: HPE ProLiant DL80 Gen10 with LFF SAS drives
  • B: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 with LFF SAS drives
  • C: HPE ProLiant ML110 with SFF SAS drives
  • D: HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 with SFF SAS drives


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