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Exam Building HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S52
File Name Building HPE Server Solutions.PracticeTest.HPE0-S52.2019-02-18.1e.34q.vcex
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Posted February 18, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer needs a tool that will allow them to mount virtual media to multiple HPE ProLiant BL systems at the same time.  
What should you recommend to this customer?

  • A: Agentless Management Service
  • B: HPE OneView
  • C: HPE Composer
  • D: HPE Onboard Administrator

Question 2
During HPE BladeSystem implementation, you need to update firmware of the Virtual Connect modules installed in this enclosure. This enclosure is not managed by HPE OneView.  
Which tool can be used to update firmware in VC modules?

  • A: Onboard Administration
  • B: Insight Display
  • C: Virtual Connect Support Utility
  • D: Virtual Connect Manager

Question 3
A customer needs a process by which they can communicate with their equipment using:
based on an open industry-standard 
provides a programmable interface that uses a lightweight data model 
Which methodology should the customer use?

  • A: JSON
  • B: RESTful API
  • C: XML
  • D: SOAP

Question 4
You are troubleshooting an issue with a ProLiant Service and need to revert to the initial configuration. During the process, you forget some of the previous configuration changes made. 
Which HPE tool can you use to recall all the configuration changes made?

  • A: IML Log
  • B: iLO Syslog
  • C: Active Health System Viewer
  • D: OneView Event Viewer

Question 5
Which key differentiator is new to the Gen10 ProLiant servers?

  • A: UEFI Bios
  • B: HPE Flexible Network adapters
  • C: HPE Smart Memory
  • D: Firmware recoverability

Question 6
A customer is evaluating HPE Gen10 ProLiant server options. They want to test the ability to erase all user data so that it is irrecoverable.  
Which license option will they need?

  • A: iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition
  • B: iLO Advanced
  • C: OneView Advanced
  • D: OneView without iLO

Question 7
What is a function of a c7000 Onboard Administrator module?

  • A: Deploy an operating system with Intelligent provisioning.
  • B: Provides thermal and power status for devices in the enclosure.
  • C: Runs a OneView virtual machine.
  • D: Perform Secure Erase of blade disk drives in the enclosure.

Question 8
A customer has ten c7000 enclosures equipped with Gen8 servers and Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules. The servers are monitored by HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM). The customer plans to add three additional enclosures with FlexFabric modules and GEN10 servers and standardize management using HPE OneView. 
How should they implement the new management system?

  • A: Deploy HPE OneView, migrate existing enclosures to HPE OneView, and add new enclosures to HPE OneView.
  • B: Add new enclosures to the HPE Systems Insight Manager, then migrate all enclosures to HPE OneView.
  • C: Upgrade existing HPE System Insight Manager installation to the latest version of the HPE OneView, and add new enclosures.
  • D: Configure a new domain group in Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, import new enclosures to that group, and migrate all of them to the HPE OneView.

Question 9
A customer has a requirement change where prior to decommissioning a server they must perform a secure erase of the server. 
Which iLO license should you include in the new proposal for server hard ware going forward?

  • A: HPE iLO Advanced
  • B: HPE iLO Standard
  • C: HPE iLO Essentials
  • D: HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition

Question 10
Your customer is concerned about the possibility of an attack via hard drive firmware exploits against their server infrastructure.  
Which new HPE ProLiant Gen10 technology protests against these attacks?

  • A: Secure Recovery
  • B: Common Access Card (CAC) two-factor authentication support
  • C: Firmware Runtime Validation
  • D: Commercial National Security Algorithms compliance


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