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Exam Building HPE Data Center Solutions
Number HPE0-S51
File Name Building HPE Data Center Solutions.PracticeTest.HPE0-S51.2018-07-30.1e.67q.vcex
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Posted July 30, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are working in a data center with multiple servers and need to update the iLO 5 user names and passwords on a regular basis. 
Which tool enables you to streamline and automate this process?

  • A: iLO Amplifier Pack
  • B: Central Management Console
  • C: Agentless Management
  • D: RESTful API

Question 2
You have completed a non-disruptive activation of firmware on an SN6000 switch. 
Which session must be restarted manually?

  • A: telnet session
  • B: SAN connection Manager session
  • C: QuickTools session
  • D: Enterprise Fabric Management Suite session

Question 3
A customer has a small branch office that requires a tower-based server solution. The customer runs office-based applications and wants lights-out management capability. 
Which HPE server family meets the customer’s needs?

  • A: ProLiant ML
  • B: ProLiant MicroServer
  • C: ProLiant DL
  • D: ProLiant BL

Question 4
Which HPE tool can you use to ensure a consistent level of firmware exists across all BladeSystem interconnects and servers in an environment?

  • A: OneView
  • B: iLO Federation
  • C: Insight Remote Support
  • D: InfoSight

Question 5
A customer needs to enable HPE Proactive Care and automated case creation for server hardware failures in their OneView environment. 
Which step do you need to complete in OneView to accomplish these tasks?

  • A: Configure proactive scan reports
  • B: Apply the OneView Advanced monitoring license
  • C: Enable remote support from the Settings page
  • D: Add the hosts to the managed devices group

Question 6
A customer needs to share files among their Linux-based servers in a cost effective manner. The customer is concerned about compatibility with the servers in their environment that run Windows.  
Which HPE StoreEasy feature addresses the customer’s concerns?

  • A: use of virtualization technologies to overcome application compatibility issues
  • B: multi-protocol access to the same file share over SMB and NFS protocols
  • C: RESTful API support across a variety of platforms
  • D: symmetric processor architecture for uniformity in transaction processing

Question 7
Match the storage technology to the storage type. 

Question 8
In which layer of the OSI model would you find an IP address?

  • A: Application
  • B: Network
  • C: Data link
  • D: Physical

Question 9
A company plans to purchase new HPE servers. The company needs to maximize local storage capacity within the servers. Which HPE servers should the company install?

  • A: ProLiant ML110 Gen 9
  • B: ProLiant DL380 Gen10
  • C: ProLiant BL460c Gen10
  • D: ProLiant DL360 Gen 9

Question 10
A customer plans to back up a file server that holds 2 TB of data. The customer wants to upgrade their network infrastructure to support backup and to implement a datacenter network solution. 
Which solutions would HPE recommend to meet the customer needs? (Choose two.)

  • A: FlexFabric 5900
  • B: StoreEasy 1450
  • C: StoreVirtual VSA
  • D: Aruba 2900
  • E: StoreOnce 3100


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