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Exam Building HPE Data Center Solutions
Number HPE0-S51
File Name Building HPE Data Center Solutions.PracticeTest.HPE0-S51.2018-07-29.1e.69q.vcex
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Posted July 29, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which HPE service level offers customers special parts handling and access to onsite service 24x7, including HPE holidays?

  • A: Foundation Care 24x7 with DMR
  • B: Foundation Care 24x7
  • C: Proactive Care 24x7 with CTR
  • D: Proactive Care 24x7

Question 2
You are installing multiple components into an existing server. 
Which HPE resource can you use to verify the compatibility of the server hardware options with the server? (Choose two.)

  • A: iQuote Universal
  • B: SPOCK
  • C: Smart Selling tool
  • D: Quickpecs
  • E: Server User Guide

Question 3
You are installing a rack at customer site. 
How can you ensure redundant power to the rack?

  • A: Connect an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to redundant circuit breakers at the facility power source
  • B: Use two different power cords to connect the server to the power grid at the customer site
  • C: Install two power distribution units (PDUs) with each one connected to a power socket supplied by an independent electrical power source
  • D: Ensure 3-phase power is available in the data center

Question 4
A customer has an existing environment that contains a mixture of network vendors. The customer wants to manage all devices using a single interface. 
What should the customer use to manage the devices?

  • A: Central Management Console
  • B: Intelligent Management Center
  • C: Aruba Central
  • D: OneView

Question 5
You are onsite at a customer location to install a new network switch. The customer wants users to be able to manage the switch through the IP network. 
How should you connect the switch to the network?

  • A: Configure multiple user IDs or roles for the console connection
  • B: Configure the management IP address on the switch and enable Telnet or SSH access
  • C: Use a dedicated console cable to create a dedicated management network for every user
  • D: Connect the switch to the network by using the serial cable that ships with the switch

Question 6
A customer needs Layer 2 switches that provide basic functionality. In the future, this customer might need to use the switches’ CLI to configure VLAN and STP features. 
Which category of the switches does meet the customer’s needs?

  • A: unmanaged
  • B: managed
  • C: VLAN-based
  • D: software distributed switch

Question 7
You need to update the firmware on an MSL2024. 
Which HPE utility do you need to use?

  • A: Smart Storage Administrator
  • B: OneView Standard
  • C: Central Management Console
  • D: Library & Tape Tools

Question 8
What can you do when installing a HPE switch to provide protection from electrostatic discharge?

  • A: Use a power surge protector
  • B: Install the switch in a rack with rubber insulators
  • C: Connect the switch grounding cable correctly
  • D: Load balance the power supplies

Question 9
You have completed a non-disruptive activation of firmware on an SN6000 switch. 
Which session must be restarted manually?

  • A: telnet session
  • B: SAN connection Manager session
  • C: QuickTools session
  • D: Enterprise Fabric Management Suite session

Question 10
A customer has a small branch office that requires a tower-based server solution. The customer runs office-based applications and wants lights-out management capability. 
Which HPE server family meets the customer’s needs?

  • A: ProLiant ML
  • B: ProLiant MicroServer
  • C: ProLiant DL
  • D: ProLiant BL


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