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Exam Integrating HPE ProLiant Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S48
File Name Integrating HPE ProLiant Server Solutions.train4sure.HPE0-S48.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted May 30, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An integrator needs to capture hardware and operating system configuration information, and to record critical information for documentation and disaster recovery. 
Which tool should an integrator use?

  • A: Insight Diagnostics
  • B: Active Health Log
  • C: Smart Update Manager
  • D: HPE OneView

Question 2
An integrator needs to install Windows Server 2012 R2 on 6 HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen9 servers. The servers will be part of an SQL cluster and must be configured identically. The integrator needs to use Intelligent Provisioning to complete this task. 
What does Intelligent Provisioning use to allow the integrator to create deployment settings profiles to make this process more efficient?

  • A: HPESSACLI Utility
  • B: iLO Federation Management
  • C: HPE Smart Storage Administrator
  • D: HPE Insight Remote Support

Question 3
A customer with an HPE FlexFabric 650FBL on an HPE BL460c Gen9 is running VMware ESXI 6.0. The integrator needs to upgrade the driver for this adapter to the latest version released by HPE. To avoid a manual download, the integrator plans to use VMware Update Manager (VUM) to download the driver directly. 
Where should the integrator point VMware Update Manager?

  • A: HPE Software Downloads (http://hpe.193.517)
  • B: HPE Live Network (
  • C: HPE Driver and Downloads (
  • D: HPE Software Delivery Repository (

Question 4
An integrator is installing HPE ProLiant DL 380 Gen9 servers for a customer. Earlier, the customer’s HPE DL380 G7 server had failed and the maintenance coverage had lapsed without the customer’s knowledge. 
What should the integrator recommend to the customer to prevent the lack of coverage from occurring on the new Gen9 servers?

  • A: Buy a post warranty CarePack for each of the servers
  • B: Configure Insight Online through HPE Support Center
  • C: Install Insight Control Server Provisioning on each of the servers
  • D: Manage the servers with HPE OneView

Question 5
An integrator needs to install a new operating system on an HPE ProLiant Gen9 machine. 
Which tool should the integrator use to install a single server?

  • A: Intelligent Provisioning
  • B: OneView 1.2
  • C: Service Pack for ProLiant
  • D: Remote Insight Support

Question 6
Click and drag each Power Supply Unit (PSU) on the left to the feature that it supports on the right. Note that PSUs may match more than one feature. 

Question 7
On the HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers, which processor is designed to work best with data-demanding workloads, such as in-memory databases and real-time business analytics?

  • A: E7 v4
  • B: E5 v4
  • C: E7 v3
  • D: E5 v3

Question 8
Match the HPE Server Management tools on the left with their corresponding descriptions on the right. 


Question 9
Which component of HPE iLO Management provides base hardware monitoring and alerting capability?

  • A: Intelligent Provisioning
  • B: Agentless Monitoring
  • C: Integrated Management Log
  • D: HPE Insight Remote Support

Question 10
A customer has the following requirements for each HPE ProLiant Gen9 BL server in its HPE c7000 Blade System Enclosure:
10 Gbps for virtual machine (VM) traffic 
8 Gbps for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic 
1.5 Gbps for VM live migration traffic 
5 Gbps for management traffic 
Redundancy is required for all types of traffic and each type of traffic needs to be isolated from the others. 
Which adapter solution should the integrator choose to efficiently meet the requirements?

  • A: four HPE 10GbE FlexFabric adaptors and four HPE GbE adapters
  • B: two HPE 20GbE adapters, each divided into three physical functions (PFs), and two HPE 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs
  • C: two HPE 20GbE adapters, each divided into four physical functions (PFs)
  • D: two HPE 10GbE FlexFabric adaptors, two HPE 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs, and four HPE GbE adapters


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