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Exam HPE0-S47 Delta - Architecting HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S47
File Name HP.PracticeTest.HPE0-S47.2017-12-15.1e.32q.vcex
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Posted December 15, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer plans to enable support automation on a HPE ProLiant G7 server using Insight Remote Support with HPE Proactive Care services. 
What should the customer do prior to registering its servers for Insight Remote Support?

  • A: Link a contract to the Insight Online
  • B: Install an SNMP agent
  • C: Enable iLO Federation
  • D: Open the incoming network port 7906 for the servers.

Question 2
Click and drag each Gen9 track on the left to match it with the applicable workload on the right. (Choose all that apply.) 

Question 3
A customer needs a management software solution that will notify administrators automatically by email message in case of pre-defined hardware and system events. 
Which solutions will support the customer requirement? (Choose two.)

  • B: iLO4
  • C: HPE OneView
  • D: HPE Intelligent Provisioning
  • E: UEFI

Question 4
A customer has purchased several racks of HPE Apollo 6000 series servers. The customer cannot exceed 25kW of power consumption per rack in its datacenter. 
Which HPE management tool should be architect recommend?

  • A: HPE Insight Remote Support
  • B: HPE Cluster Management Utility
  • C: HPE Smart Update Manager
  • D: HPE Advance Power Manager

Question 5
A customer is expanding its data center and needs to monitor and manage the power consumption of each server. 
Which HPE Power Distribution Unit (PDU) should the architect recommend?

  • A: HPE UPS Network Module
  • B: HPE Modular PDU
  • C: HPE Location Discovery Service
  • D: HPE Intelligent PDU

Question 6
Which two factors are relevant in planning a solution that uses a ProLiant Gen9 server with the Dynamic Smart Array B140i? (Choose two.)

  • A: Only the 3 GB/s transfer rate is supported.
  • B: SSDs are not supported.
  • C: The solution needs to include at least one Smart Storage Battery.
  • D: SAS drives are not supported.
  • E: Only UEFI boot mode is supported but not Legacy BIOS boot mode.

Question 7
A customer needs to manage contract, warranty, and HPE Care Pack information for its server and storage infrastructure from a single location. The customer also needs proactive expiration notifications for these contracts. 
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend?

  • A: HPE System Management Homepage
  • B: HPE Smart Update Manager
  • C: HPE Insight Display
  • D: HPE Insight Online

Question 8
Refer to the exhibit. 
A solution architect recommends the following HPE Synergy configuration:
Interconnect Modules 
Two HPE Virtual Connect SE 40 Gb F8 Modules 
Four HPE Synergy 20 Gb Interconnect Link Modules 
Master Modules 
Frame 1 Bay 3 
Frame 2 Bay 6 
Satellite Modules 
Frame 1 Bay 6 
Frame 2 Bay 3 
Frame 3 Bay 3 
Frame 4 Bay 6 
What is the maximum available bandwidth for each port on a compute module within the configuration shown?

  • A: 1 Gb/s
  • B: 10 Gb/s
  • C: 20 Gb/s
  • D: 40 Gb/s

Question 9
A customer needs to back up large portions of data from an HPE BladeSystem to an external backup server. 
How should the backup traffic be classified and marked for QoS to avoid backup traffic congestion on the LAN?

  • A: as server egress with dot1p marks
  • B: as a Virtual Connect ingress port
  • C: as a Virtual Connect egress port
  • D: as server egress with CoS marks

Question 10
A customer needs quick and simplified server management access for its administrators. Administrators need to be able to attach USB key to servers remotely. 
Which HPE tool meets the customer’s needs?

  • A: iLO Mobile App
  • B: VCSU


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