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Exam HPE0-S47 Delta - Architecting HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S47
File Name HP.PracticeDumps.HPE0-S47.2018-01-16.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted January 16, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer needs a solution to support Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and database workloads. 
Which two factors are relevant to a proposed solution for the customer? (Choose two.)

  • A: supports scale-up
  • B: supports an intel Phi coprocessor
  • C: supports scale-out
  • D: supports a workload accelerator
  • E: supports dual channel SAS connectivity

Question 2
What is an advantage of HPE Advanced Memory Error Detection?

  • A: counts each correctable memory errors
  • B: analyzes all correctable errors to increase the effectiveness of PFA notification
  • C: reduces memory voltage
  • D: corrects up to 4-bit memory errors within the 64 bits of data transferred in each memory cycle

Question 3
Which HPE ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 single server deployment tool can use a server profile stored by an iLO federation management group member and use that profile to deploy other new Gen8 and Gen9 servers on the network in the same group?

  • A: Intelligent Provisioning
  • B: HPE REST API for iLO
  • C: HPE Smart Storage Administrator
  • D: HPE Smart Update Manager

Question 4
Which server technology will enable increased throughput, lower latency, and lower CPU utilization across the servers?

  • A: InfiniBand
  • B: virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • C: TCP/IP Offload Engine
  • D: RDMA

Question 5
A customer has multiple server blades paired with HPE D222osb Storage Blades. The customer needs a solution that will help to share storage blade capacity with server blades within a different enclosure. 
Which solution should the architect recommend to the customer?

  • A: Connect HPE D222osb Storage Blades to the FC switches shared by both enclosures.
  • B: Add server blades and storage blades to HPE OneView and use it to perform storage management and presentation.
  • C: Install HPE StoreServer Management Console and use it to create storage capacity resource pool with sharing enabled.
  • D: Deploy HPE StoreVirtual VSA and share available capacity through iSCSI protocol.

Question 6
A customer uses HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers that run a Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Group cluster. The customer needs to maximize the storage performance for the Microsoft Exchange application. 
Which component should the architect recommend to the customer?

  • A: Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor
  • B: PCIe Workload Accelerator
  • C: NAND flash drives
  • D: Smart Storage battery

Question 7
A customer is running a database application on a server with the following specifications:
HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen8 
HPE Dynamic Smart Array B320i Controller 
6 SFF SSD drives 
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 
Users report database performance issues and are asking for an infrastructure update. However, the customer is presently unable to invest in anew server. 
Which step can the customer take to improve database performance?

  • A: Replace RDIMMs with LRDIMMs.
  • B: Replace the Dynamic Smart Array with an HPE SmartArray P440 controller with HPE SSD Smart Path support.
  • C: Install an intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor with a Smart Storage Battery.
  • D: Add a second Dynamic SmartArray controller and connect the controllers in link mode.

Question 8
An architect has designed a server solution for a customer that includes ProLiant BL460c Gen9 server with SmartArray P244br controller. The customer needs to be able to configure, manage, and troubleshoot the locally attached storage in this solution. 
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend to the customer?

  • A: HPE Insight Remote Support
  • B: HPE iLO
  • C: HPE Smart Storage Administrator
  • D: HPE Array Configuration Utility

Question 9
Which statement describes HPE Datacenter Care services?

  • A: It provides advanced power management monitoring and support.
  • B: It is a mix of enhanced call management, proactive services, and hardware/software assistance.
  • C: It provides collaborative call management assistance for only x86 solutions.
  • D: It is an alternative that provides hardware support only.

Question 10
An architect is designing an HPE ProLiant BladeSystem with Virtual Connect FlexFabric and HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7400c. The customer is concerned about the added complexity of including SAN switches and the additional SAN management overhead. 
Which HPE technology should the architect recommend?

  • A: HPE FlexFabric 5930 Switch Series
  • B: HPE B-Series SAN Network Advisor
  • C: Virtual Connect Flat SAN
  • D: HPE FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 650 Adapter


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