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Exam Architecting Advanced HPE Server Solutions
Number HPE0-S22
File Name Architecting Advanced HPE Server Solutions.testkings.HPE0-S22.2018-12-13.1e.48q.vcex
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Posted December 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An architect is designing an HPE Apollo 6000 solution to support a customer application. The architect is choosing between the HPE ProLiant XL230a and the XL250a compute tray. 
What is one reason for choosing the XL250a tray?

  • A: The application is single-threaded.
  • B: The application requires high storage capacity.
  • C: The application uses high amounts of memory.
  • D: The application requires GPU acceleration.

Question 2
A customer is deploying HPE Apollo Systems, which the customer hopes will help the organization achieve its goals for efficient energy operations. In assessing the customer maturity, the architect finds that IT staff has limited insight into how efficiently servers are operating and limited ability to enforce energy efficiency policies. 
Which solution should the architect recommend to help solve these issues?

  • A: HPE Advanced Power Manager
  • B: HPE OneView 2.x
  • C: HPE Power Advisor
  • D: HPE Insight Remote Support

Question 3
An architect is proposing an HPE Moonshot System, including m710 cartridges, an iLO Chassis Manager, switch, and uplink modules. The customer needs IT staff to be able to access cartridges over a Remote console. 
What should the architect explain to the customer?

  • A: IT staff can open a Remote Console to any cartridges linked to an mRCA through the iLO CM.
  • B: Remote Console access is only supported when a cartridge is part of an HPE Helion CloudSystem 9.x solution.
  • C: Remote console access is not supported for cartridges; IT staff should use local consoles instead.
  • D: IT staff can open a Remote Console to any cartridge through the iLO CM.

Question 4
A customer’s Gen9 web server resides behind a firewall. 
What is the most secure and efficient method to monitor this server?

  • A: Use Intelligent Provisioning.
  • B: Use Agentless Management.
  • C: Create Firewall rules and install System Management Homepage in Protected Mode.
  • D: Create Firewall rules and install WBEM.

Question 5
A customer has a large Oracle-based ERP solution that runs on HPUX and multiple rx2800 i2 servers. The customer plans to move to an open source solution to reduce operating expenses. The customer needs the ability to deliver incremental capacity and needs to avoid incremental Oracle licensing costs. 
Which HPE Server solution will help meet the customer's needs?

  • A: HPE Apollo 6000 System
  • B: HPE Superdome X
  • C: HPE BladeSystem c7000 with BL460G Gen9 Servers
  • D: HPE Apollo 4500 System

Question 6
An architect finds several vulnerabilities with a customer's digital enterprise that could lead to data loss on a third-party storage system for critical business segments. 
Which solution should the architect propose to help the customer to protect their digital enterprise?

  • A: an HPE StoreOnce solution configured to take backups of the critical data from the third-party storage
  • B: an HPE StoreAll solution configured to migrate the critical data to object-based storage
  • C: an HPE StoreVirtual solution configured as a secondary node to replicate the critical data on the third-party storage
  • D: an HPE 3PAR StoreServ solution configured to peer persistence with the third-party storage to protect the critical data

Question 7
Which of the HPE Transformation Areas should the architect discuss when the customer’s concerns span backup and recovery, high availability, and disaster recovery?

  • A: Transform to a hybrid infrastructure.
  • B: Empower the data-driven organization.
  • C: Protect the digital enterprise.
  • D: Enable workplace productivity.

Question 8
An architect is writing a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP). The customer has requested financial information on the monetary amount by which assets are valued in business records. 
Which value does the architect need to consider?

  • A: total cost of acquisition (TCA)
  • B: net investment value (NIV)
  • C: net book value (NBV)
  • D: fair market value (FMV)

Question 9
A customer needs a hosted physical desktop solution. Users will run typical office applications with limited use of some media-rich applications such as Adobe Photoshop. The customer needs the densest and most cost-effective solution that can support such users. 
Which HPE Moonshot cartridge should the architect recommend?

  • A: HPE m710
  • B: HPE m400
  • C: HPE m700
  • D: HPE m710p

Question 10
An architect is planning an HPE Integrity Superdome X solution with the following nPartitions:
nPar 1= Slots 1, 3, and 5 
nPar 2 = Slots 2, 4, and 6 
The Superdome X solution must connect to a Fibre Channel SAN solution, which provides boot disks for the Superdome X solution. 
The architect has selected a FlexibleLOM adapter for each blade. 
What is a valid plan for additional adapters?

  • A: one 2-port FC HBA for slot 1
  • B: one 2-port FC HBA each for slot 1, slot 3, and slot 5
  • C: one 2-port FC HBA each for slot 1 and slot 2
  • D: one 2-port FC HBA each for slot 2, slot 4, and slot 6


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