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Exam Delta - Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions
Number HPE0-J80
File Name HP.HPE0-J80.vV12-35.2016-08-22.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted August 22, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You begin your first presentation to a customer by positioning HPE OneView as converged management tool. The customer requires the use of the VMware VSphere API for Storage Awareness (VASA) integration in their future.
Which HPE storagr products can be used in your design to support this customer's needs? (Select two)

  • A: HPE convergedsystems
  • B: HPE StoreEver
  • C: HPE StoreVirtual
  • D: HPE StoreOnce
  • E: HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Question 2
A customer with multiple Oracle databases reports that user are experiencing slow application response time. You need to create an optimized solution for this customer. You have already done database performance monitoring using Oracle AWR, server and storage performance monitoring. You discover that there is a high I/O Walt and the average I/O latency is -30 ms. which is causing slow response times.
Which solution should you propose to address the performance problems?

  • A: HPE 3PAR storage array with high performance spinning disks with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFebric
  • B: HPE 3PAR hybrid storage Array with spinning disks. Adaptive Flash Cache and AO with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric
  • C: HPE 3PAR all-flash storage array with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric
  • D: HPE 3PAR Storage Array with a sufficient number of spinning disks with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric

Question 3
You design and size an HPE StoreVirtual solution for an SMB customer enviroment according to these requirements:
High availability between two data centers is needed
3 TB of data should b replicated
2x1 Gb/s links are needed between Sites A and B
A round trip time of 1.8 ms is needed between sites A and B
A third site, Site C, is needed for Failover Manager (F OM) connected with 100 MB/s
There is a latency of 55 ms between Site C and the other sites.
Which potential issue be discussed the customer before proposing the HPE StoreVirtual solution?

  • A: Maximum latency requirements are not met for Site C
  • B: Minimum bandwidth requirements between Site C and B are not met
  • C: Minimum round trip time for Sites A and B is not met
  • D: Minimum bandwidth requirements for Site C are not met

Question 4
Which benefit of the REST API when compared to other well-known interface methods should be presented to a customer to correctly position HPE OneView?

  • A: REST API offers integrated JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) translation
  • B: No state change message bus is needed to communication with HPE OneView
  • C: REST API has lighter bandwidth requirements
  • D: The code is compatible with all Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) scripts

Question 5
You are designing a solution involving HPE 3PAR storage for a customer. The customer's business experiencing significant growth, which requires them to invest in a highly-available storage solution. The customer has already invested in two separate data centers, but cannot initially afford to purchase two systems. The solution must be capable of providing complete local hardware redundancy in the near future, the solution will be expanded to be geographically independent and storage systems will be located in both data centers.
Which HPE 3PAR Storeserv storage system feature cloud essential advantage to this customer's business case?

  • A: All current HPE 3PAR storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data between data centers.
  • B: Only HPE 3PAR 8000 storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data independent of the number of controller nodes per storage systems.
  • C: All HPE 3PAR storage system models with an identical number of controller nodes can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data between data centers.
  • D: Only Current HPE 3PAR 8000 and 2000 storage system models can replicate data with each other and provide transparent failover of access to data when the number of controller is identical.


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