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Exam Delta - Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions
Number HPE0-J80
File Name Delta -Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions.PracticeTest.HPE0-J80.2018-08-08.1e.28q.vcex
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Posted August 08, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
As part of solution tuning, you want to add online, application-consistent snapshots to a customer’s environment. 
Which tasks must be performed? (Select two.)

  • A: Delete the snapshot
  • B: Stop the VM
  • C: Release file locks
  • D: Flush the buffers
  • E: Quiesce the file system

Question 2
Which technology allows HPE to maximize available capacity utilization of SSD drives?

  • A: HPE 3PAR Global Sparing
  • B: HPE 3PAR Adaptive Sparing
  • C: HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization
  • D: HPE 3PAR Distributed Sparing

Question 3
You are working with a junior storage administrator to document an existing SAN implementation. You must determine if an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 is cabled correctly. The admin only has the 3parcust credentials. 
How can you verify that the array is correctly cabled?

  • A: Check the Storage Systems section in HPE OneView.
  • B: Execute a Checkhealth through SPOCC.
  • C: Use the HPE SAN Visibility tool.
  • D: Use HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) with read-only rights.

Question 4
You are planning a multi-site HPE StoreVirtual environment. The customer wants to use two VMware vSphere hosts at each datacenter. 
Which StoreVirtual OS technology should be implemented as part of your plan to reduce network traffic between the sites?

  • A: I/O path preferencing
  • B: FOM quorum management
  • C: QoS
  • D: application-management snapshots

Question 5
At which level is an HPE 3PAR StoreServ deduplication performed?

  • A: CPG
  • B: VV
  • C: RAID
  • D: RCG

Question 6
A customer has a multi-site environment and plans to consolidate file-and-block-level data. A proof of concept is arranged to familiarize the customer with HPE 3PAR StoreServ File Persona functionality. 
Which statement is true when failing over file-level data between the arrays?

  • A: The Peer Persistence Arbitrator must register the file shares before a failover is initiated.
  • B: An automated failback is initiated once the primary storage system comes back online.
  • C: The clients must reconnect to NAS shares once failover is complete.
  • D: A second cluster IP must be configured as a DNS alias for the file shares running on the HPE 3PAR StoreServ.

Question 7
You are presenting an HPE 3PAR solution to a new customer. Your proposal includes a transparent failover capability of applications between data centers. The customer has concerns about returning service to the initial configuration and direction of data flow (failback) following a failover event. 
What should you explain to the customer to address this concern?

  • A: There are specific tools for failback that are easy to use.
  • B: After restoring the data from a backup device, the failback is initiated automatically.
  • C: The processes for failover and failback are equally transparent to the hosts.
  • D: Failback is initiated automatically when the failed storage system is in service again.

Question 8
A customer’s business needs 24 x 7 uptime and highest data availability. In the past, the customer has experienced revenue loss from several outrages during firmware upgrade processes with non-HPE products due to temporary loss of access to disk enclosures. There is a need for 80 TB of Tier-0 storage. You propose cage availability in the new design, using an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 2-node system containing 80 x 1.92 TB cMLC SSD drivers. 
When following HPE best practices, how many additional enclosures should be included in the system?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 2
  • D: 3

Question 9
Which additional value should you focus on during a solution presentation for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ system using 3.84 TB cMLC SSD drives to appeal to the interests of the company’s CFO?

  • A: savings of the solution when compared to a similar configuration using 10 k SAS drives
  • B: savings of the solution when compared to 1.92 TB cMLC SSD
  • C: performance gain when compared to 1.92 TB cMLC SSD
  • D: savings of the solution, which approaches the cost of 15 K SAS drives

Question 10
What must be done before demonstrating Recovery Manger Central Express Protect?

  • A: The storage array must be configured for file and block data
  • B: The StoreOnce system must be set up with a fileshare
  • C: A StoreOnce replication license must be activated
  • D: A StoreOnce Catalyst license must be activated


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