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Exam Building HPE Storage Solutions
Number HPE0-J55
File Name Building HPE Storage Solutions.braindumps.HPE0-J55.2019-03-01.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted March 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is an advantage of a meshed FC SAN topology when compared to a cascaded topology?

  • A: faster firmware upgrade procedures
  • B: large number of available switch ports
  • C: multiple paths for internal fabric resiliency
  • D: cost efficiency

Question 2
Which component shifts processing of the communications protocol tasks (TCP/IP) from the server processor to the Network Interface Card (NIC), lowering CPU overhead and use?

  • A: TCP Offload Engine
  • B: GBIC
  • C: network switch
  • D: software iSCSI initiator

Question 3
A customer is experiencing high latency while reading data from their HPE 3PAR 8200 storage array. 
What should you propose as the most cost-effective way to increase read performance?

  • A: Increase the controller read cache.
  • B: Add magnetic disks to the current CPG.
  • C: Add SSDs for Adaptive Flash Cache.
  • D: Upgrade the controller CPUs and memory.

Question 4
What is the main difference between the FC and FCoE stack?

  • A: The higher layers of the FC stack are replaced by TCP/IP packets.
  • B: The lower layers of the FC stack are replaced by lossless Ethernet.
  • C: FCoE requires Layer 3 Ethernet switches.
  • D: Zoning is not supported in FCoE networks

Question 5
Match the tools and resources with the features they provide. 

Question 6
A customer requests a new storage array with the following features:
VMware virtualization integration 
two sites with asynchronous replication 
support for mixed mainstream workload 
virtual server consolidation 
automatic monitoring for available hotfixes 
Which product should you present?

  • A: HPE 3PAR StoreServ
  • B: HPE StoreEasy
  • C: HPE StoreOnce
  • D: HPE Nimble

Question 7
A customer needs to implement a VDI solution for 300 users. They need hardware assisted deduplication and compression, and integrated data protection. 
Which part of the HPE storage strategy should you position?

  • A: Hyper-converged
  • B: Composable
  • C: Converged
  • D: Traditional

Question 8
The customer has HPE Nimble AF-series storage. 
What is true when upgrading the unit with Dual-Flash Carriers?

  • A: Each bank is part of a common RAID group.
  • B: Bank B can be upgraded with an expansion shelf.
  • C: Both banks need to be in servicing mode.
  • D: All 24 slots in Bank A need to be populated first.

Question 9
A customer is considering a SAN solution. 
Which resource should you use to configure a storage infrastructure to meet your customer's performance needs?

  • A: НРE Storage Product Selector
  • B: SPOCK
  • C: VisioCafe
  • D: НРE Storage Sizing Tool

Question 10
A customer is considering an upgrade of rotational drives to solid state disks. 
What is the typical increase of random read IOPS per drive with 15K drives compared to enterprise performance SSD?

  • A: 10x
  • B: 100x
  • C: 1000X
  • D: 10000x


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