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Exam Selling HP Business Personal Systems Hardware 2019
Number HP2-H88
File Name Selling HP Business Personal Systems Hardware 2019.VCEplus.HP2-H88.2020-01-24.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted January 24, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How should you address customer concerns relative to price?

  • A: by lowering the price with very little margin just secure the deal
  • B: by explaining that HP has the most secure PCs on the planet, which warrants the higher price
  • C: by focusing on key areas that show business value and highlight how the HP solution offerings offer best-in-class pricing for the value they deliver
  • D: by telling them their competitor has just bought some and they don't want to be left behind

Question 2
Your customer shares with you that their previous devices were unable to handle demanding software, such as Autodesk® 3D Max®.
Which HP series should you offer?

  • A: HP Z series
  • B: HP Pro series
  • C: HP Elite series
  • D: HP Business series

Question 3
What is true about HP Sure Click?

  • A: It isolates web content in a virtual machine, where malware cannot affect other tabs, applications, or the operating system.
  • B: It helps IT departments develop and maintain policies for supported web browsers.
  • C: It helps IT administrators deploy and maintain security settings across a fleet of PCs.
  • D: It monitors keyboard clicks and adjusts the feel of the keys so that the user has a nice experience using the keyboard on an HP EliteBook.

Question 4
Your manufacturing customer is looking for a solution for their creative and finance teams that optimizes flexibility (hot desking). Members of these teams already have either HP ZBook 17 G5 Mobile Workstation or HP EliteBook x360 830 G6 Notebook PC. What should you recommend to this customer?

  • A: HP USB-C Mini Dock
  • B: HP Thunderbolt Dock 230W G2 with combo cable
  • C: HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2 with audio module 
  • D: HP Ultraslim Docking Station

Question 5
How does the experience age change the workplace as compared to the information age? (Choose three.)

  • A: large open offices
  • B: cubicle work environment
  • C: smaller open offices
  • D: more car parking for employees
  • E: collaboration areas
  • F: at-home workspace solutions
  • G: fixed desks offices

Question 6
What is HP Sure Start?

  • A: 3rd party built-in self-healing BIOS protection
  • B: HP built-in hardware self-healing BIOS protection
  • C: HP software for self-healing BIOS protection
  • D: HP built-in hardware battery protection

Question 7
What is the major security concern associated with company employees working in public areas and open offices, and how does HP address it?

  • A: virus attacks, which can be lessened with HP Sure Run
  • B: visual hacking, which can be prevented with HP Sure View
  • C: malware attacks, which can be mitigated with HP Sure Start
  • D: phishing attacks, which can be alleviated with HP Sure Click

Question 8
How does HP Sure Recover help customers in the case of a breach?

  • A: It restores their machines quickly and securely to the latest image.
  • B: It checks the network firewall and recovers the local firewall after a breach.
  • C: It recovers lost programs, office files, photos, videos, and user files.
  • D: It checks the device image via the Manageability Integration Kit plug-in for Microsoft® SCCM before deploying across a fleet to recover time.

Question 9
Which HP series supports HP Sure Start?

  • A: HP 200 series Notebook PCs
  • B: HP Pro 400 series Desktop PCs
  • C: HP EliteBook Notebook PCs
  • D: HP Chromebook

Question 10
What are the major differences between the experience age and the information age?

  • A: The experience age is about people working together, in the same office, with better technology, to solve shared problems.
  • B: The experience age is centered around the experiences people have while learning, including which school they attended and how it prepared them for future work.
  • C: The experience age is about how the VR technology is changing our lives and our experiences.
  • D: The experience age is centered around experiences, smart technology, and efficiency, with people working anywhere, at any time, often in shared offices or cafés.


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