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Exam Selling HP Personal Systems Hardware
Number HP2-H40
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Posted February 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How is the way we work driving notebook and tablet sales today?

  • A: The change in workforce, workplace, and work styles drives the need for mobile solutions.
  • B: When a company has a technology refresh, they will be looking at just tablet devices and nothing else.
  • C: More companies are expecting their employees to work only in remote offices.
  • D: Employees want to use tablet devices for work, and no desktop PC’s anymore.

Question 2
What does a profound transformation in the workplace mean to the customer?

  • A: They need low-priced products
  • B: They are looking for notebooks that are thin and light, because their professional and business lives are blurring.
  • C: They need longer battery life.
  • D: They have an increased expectation for productivity and style.

Question 3
What is the HP strategy in the HP Business Personal Systems portfolio market?

  • A: Develop everlasting products at the best market price.
  • B: Build devices that require replacement within three years in order to ensure compatibility with software updates.
  • C: Build a full line of durable devices, including the industry’s best set of security and management solutions, with the best portfolio available.
  • D: Produce PC system that are highly desirable and offer the best entry price.

Question 4
What was the increase in teleworking from 2005 to 2012?

  • A: 90%
  • B: 50%
  • C: 20%
  • D: 80%

Question 5
What can change the nature of conversations with customers in order to successfully sell HP products?

  • A: Demonstrate the business and IT value that customers will obtain from HP.
  • B: Demonstrate the longer product lifecycle and finance options from HP.
  • C: Base your conversation around big deals.
  • D: Base your conversation on price.

Question 6
What is driving notebook and tablet sales in today’s market?

  • A: transactional selling
  • B: light-weight, reliable, and highly secure devices, straight out of the box
  • C: HP Care Pack Services
  • D: that 84% of CIOs believe mobility will significantly improve customer interactions

Question 7
Which ISVs and partners does HP collaborate with to give customers the edge they need?

  • A: Microsoft, Oracle, and Sage
  • B: Sage, PeopleSoft, and Cisco
  • C: Autodesk, Adobe, and PTC
  • D: LANDesk, Excel, and Arcserve

Question 8
What do 684,478 Facebook status updates tell us about the IT Industry?

  • A: There is a need to sell cloud management solutions.
  • B: People are working less and socializing more.
  • C: There is a need for bigger hard drive space on desktop devices.
  • D: The IT industry is bringing in new behaviors.

Question 9
Which HP notebook range has the most aggressive price points?

  • A: HP ZBook
  • B: HP business notebooks
  • C: HP ProBook
  • D: HP EliteBook

Question 10
If you were a basic user with no demands on IT, what need would you be looking for?

  • A: something with a sophisticated image
  • B: mission-critical devices
  • C: just simple efficiency
  • D: high-end tools that provide connectivity


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