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Exam Selling HP Personal Systems Hardware
Number HP2-H40
File Name HP.prep4sure.HP2-H40.2018-07-03.1e.27q.vcex
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Posted July 03, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is a benefit of selling HP value rather than specifications?

  • A: It enables customers to review quotes from different organizations, and determine the optimum solution based on product needs.
  • B: It allows customers to compare the features and advantages of a particular product, and assess the potential benefits of their organization.
  • C: It ensures customers are able to realistically compare product features and determine the fastest products for their organization.
  • D: it moves the conversation from price and product features, and enables the customer to recognize the tangible value of the solution in the context of their business needs.

Question 2
A customer says that they knocked over a glass of water onto their notebook. Now the customer needs a replacement, because the notebook is not working anymore. Which feature should be turned into a benefit for the customer?

  • A: HP DuraFinish
  • B: spill resistant keyboard
  • C: HP DisplaySafe frame
  • D: business-rugged magnesium chassis

Question 3
If a customer is looking for a business desktop that has the largest choice of form factors, what should be recommended?

  • A: HP ProDesk
  • B: HP business desktop
  • C: HP Z1 workstation
  • D: HP EliteDesk

Question 4
What do 73% of CIOs believe will impact their business as much or more than the Internet of the late 90s?

  • A: workflow
  • B: collaboration
  • C: mobility
  • D: security

Question 5
How should a sales professional describe HP Subscription and HelpDesk to their customers?

  • A: It is a part of the HP managed device solution.
  • B: It is a helpdesk that the customers subscribe to for support of their PC fleet.
  • C: It includes PC and accessories, all fully managed from one place.
  • D: It is a cloud solution for the HP Elite products that they currently own.

Question 6
An education customer needs to provide personal computing facilities in several dedicated computer rooms, in order to support a large number of students at very low cost. Which product line should be offered?

  • A: HP business desktops
  • B: HP ElitePad
  • C: HP EliteBook Folio 1000
  • D: HP thin clients

Question 7
Which security feature helps a customer defend their data?

  • A: HP Mobile Connect
  • B: HP Touchpoint Manager
  • C: HP Secure Erase
  • D: HP Remove my PC

Question 8
Which desktop range has the most affordable price points that HP offers?

  • A: HP business desktops
  • B: HP Z440 Tower
  • C: HP ProOne
  • D: HP EliteDesk

Question 9
What kind of worker is the target user for the HP 200 Notebook?

  • A: task worker
  • B: knowledge worker
  • C: mobile professional
  • D: basic user

Question 10
Why is it important to sell HP Business Personal Systems portfolio?

  • A: because they are the cheapest products to sell
  • B: because customers will be familiar with the HP brand
  • C: because HP Business Personal Systems go beyond the products and are designed to meet customers’ expectations
  • D: because HP only sells Windows devices


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