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Exam Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions
Number HP2-H37
File Name Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions.PracticeTest.HP2-H37.2018-07-28.1e.26q.vcex
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Posted July 28, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which type of HP thin client is the HP mt41?

  • A: Mobile flexible thin client
  • B: Dumb terminal thin client
  • C: Zero thin client
  • D: Smart zero thin client

Question 2
Why do HP t3l0 Zero Clients deliver amazing performance and require no patches or updates?

  • A: Because the operating system is hard coded into the AMD processor
  • B: Because they use hardware-based security for IP packet checking
  • C: Because the operating system is refreshed when the system is turned on
  • D: Because they use hardware-based decompression technology for PColP protocol

Question 3
Which thin client advantage offsets the thin client purchase cost for many customers?

  • A: Reduction of network bandwidth usage
  • B: Reduced use of desk space
  • C: Mobility
  • D: Conserving IT resources

Question 4
Which vendors ally with HP to create a complete client virilization solution?

  • A: Sun Microsystem, VMware, and Cisco
  • B: VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix
  • C: Ubuntu. Citrix. and Sun Microsystems
  • D: Microsoft, Ubuntu. and Cisco

Question 5
Which of the following features differentiates the HP t620 series over the Dell 7000 series thin clients?

  • A: WES compatibility
  • B: Active thermal management
  • C: AMD Quad core CPUs
  • D: PCIe slot availability

Question 6
What is one of the key HP messages about HP thin clients'?

  • A: HP, as a company, maintains a legacy of quality that surpasses any competitive advantage the competitor might have.
  • B: HP consistently maintains a philosophy across Its thin client portfolio of quality products at the lowest prices.
  • C: HP thin client software solutions offer the best service and capabilities on the market or HP happily refunds the invoiced cost of the product.
  • D: HP offers a suite of flexible thin-clients to meet customers' needs without the confusion of choosing between single-purpose thin clients.

Question 7
Which factors reduce the total cost of ownership of client virtualization when using HP thin clients instead of using repurposed PCs? (Select three.)

  • A: The cost of the PC repurposing software
  • B: VMware software and servers
  • C: Eliminating operating system support costs
  • D: Decreasing power consumption
  • E: Improving security
  • F: Enabling multiple monitors

Question 8
Which operating system is included with HP mt41 mobile thin clients?

  • A: HPThinpro
  • B: Windows Embedded Standard 7E
  • C: HP Smart-zero
  • D: Windows 8 Pro

Question 9
What is one of the differences between HP Device Manager and Dell Wyse Device Manager Enterprise Edition?

  • A: Hp Device Manager resides on a server, while Dell Device Manager is installed on each separate thin client.
  • B: HP Device Manager works in a push mode, while Dell Device Manager operates in a pull mode.
  • C: HP Device Manager can configure thin clients to work in push mode or pull mode, while Dell Wyse Device Manager works only in push mode.
  • D: HP Device Manager can configure any device in the network, while Dell Device Manager configures only zero thin clients.

Question 10
A healthcare customer states "We are deploying Microsoft, we are less concerned with cost, and we deploy robust custom applications." 
What is the best HP client virtualization product choice in this situation?

  • A: HP Device Manager
  • B: HP Smart Zero Clients
  • C: HP Flexible thin clients
  • D: HP Zero Clients


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