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Exam Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017
Number HP2-B149
File Name Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017.PracticeTest.HP2-B149.2018-11-13.1e.17q.vcex
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Posted November 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which is a benefit of HP Managed Print Services (MPS) provided to customers through multi-year contracts?

  • A: reduces hard costs and uncovers hidden printing costs
  • B: available for HP printers and MFP’s only
  • C: requires customer commitment and technical expertise
  • D: less complex sales process and minimal investment

Question 2
Which of the following questions helps to determine a customer’s workflow?

  • A: What is the estimated total company paper usage per month?
  • B: How often does the customer order supplies?
  • C: Does the client currently use print management and output solutions?
  • D: What is the estimated number of employees using office printers?

Question 3
Which HP printer suits the below client requirements:
monthly page output between 1k-6k 
lowest print operating costs 
fastest printing technology

  • A: HP OfficeJet Pro
  • B: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage
  • C: HP LaserJet
  • D: HP PageWide

Question 4
Here is an image of a sample HP product name. 


What does ‘MFP’ represent in this image?

  • A: functionality descriptor
  • B: model number
  • C: bundle indicator
  • D: product brand

Question 5
Which manageability solution saves time by auto-detecting the IP address of new devices connected to the fleet and instantly setting group policies?

  • A: JetAdvantage Insights
  • B: HP Access Control
  • C: Universal Print Driver (UPD)
  • D: Web JetAdmin

Question 6
Which HP security feature requires users to identify themselves with a PIN or another verification method at their chosen print location?

  • A: pull printing
  • B: device security
  • C: anti-counterfeit
  • D: print encryption

Question 7
Which is a feature of Enterprise-class devices?

  • A: limited support for solutions
  • B: each device has a different user interface
  • C: a customer must buy the newest devices to get current firmware
  • D: industry leading embedded security

Question 8
Which security solution is best suited for a mobile user who needs to ensure security of print documents while working from different locations?

  • A: JetAdvantage Private Print
  • B: HP Security Manager
  • C: JetAdvantage Secure Print
  • D: HP Access Control

Question 9
What is the next step in a customer’s print journey after they have efficiently optimized their print fleet?

  • A: accumulate print devices based on their needs
  • B: create awareness among users around print behaviors
  • C: make decisions about streaming and digitalization
  • D: engage IT to secure the print devices, data, and documents

Question 10
Which customer need creates an up-sell opportunity for enterprise-class devices, even if the monthly print volumes or number of users is not very high?

  • A: Customer is a strategic thinker who recognizes the value of long-term investment protection through FutureSmart (industry’s only upgradeable firmware).
  • B: The customer is interested in solutions extensibility.
  • C: Security is a priority for the customer.
  • D: All of the above.
  • E: The customer is interested in digitizing paper through enhanced scanning or workflow solutions.


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