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Exam Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017
Number HP2-B149
File Name Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017.PracticeTest.HP2-B149.2018-08-07.1e.15q.vcex
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Posted August 07, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following questions helps to determine a customer’s workflow?

  • A: What is the estimated total company paper usage per month?
  • B: How often does the customer order supplies?
  • C: Does the client currently use print management and output solutions?
  • D: What is the estimated number of employees using office printers?

Question 2
Which HP printer suits the below client requirements:
monthly page output between 1k-6k 
lowest print operating costs 
fastest printing technology

  • A: HP OfficeJet Pro
  • B: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage
  • C: HP LaserJet
  • D: HP PageWide

Question 3
Here is an image of a sample HP product name. 


What does ‘MFP’ represent in this image?

  • A: functionality descriptor
  • B: model number
  • C: bundle indicator
  • D: product brand

Question 4
Which manageability solution saves time by auto-detecting the IP address of new devices connected to the fleet and instantly setting group policies?

  • A: JetAdvantage Insights
  • B: HP Access Control
  • C: Universal Print Driver (UPD)
  • D: Web JetAdmin

Question 5
Which security solution is best suited for a mobile user who needs to ensure security of print documents while working from different locations?

  • A: JetAdvantage Private Print
  • B: HP Security Manager
  • C: JetAdvantage Secure Print
  • D: HP Access Control

Question 6
Which is true of PageWide printers, compared to LaserJet printers?

  • A: fewer security features
  • B: higher printing costs
  • C: less energy efficient
  • D: faster printing technology

Question 7
What is the next step in a customer’s print journey after they have efficiently optimized their print fleet?

  • A: accumulate print devices based on their needs
  • B: create awareness among users around print behaviors
  • C: make decisions about streaming and digitalization
  • D: engage IT to secure the print devices, data, and documents

Question 8
Which customer need creates an up-sell opportunity for enterprise-class devices, even if the monthly print volumes or number of users is not very high?

  • A: Customer is a strategic thinker who recognizes the value of long-term investment protection through FutureSmart (industry’s only upgradeable firmware).
  • B: The customer is interested in solutions extensibility.
  • C: Security is a priority for the customer.
  • D: All of the above.
  • E: The customer is interested in digitizing paper through enhanced scanning or workflow solutions.

Question 9
A company prints almost 10,000 pages on average per month including letters to customers and financial authorities, and most important monthly and annual account statements for customers. They are looking for printing color at the lowest cost per page possible. 
Which HP printer meets the requirements of this company?

  • A: HP FutureSmart
  • B: HP Jetintelligence
  • C: HP PageWide
  • D: HP LaserJet

Question 10
How do LaserJets with Jetintelligence improve the customer experience?

  • A: by being more energy efficient
  • B: by providing fast 2-sided printing up to full engine speed
  • C: by providing fast first page out from ready and from sleep
  • D: all of the above


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