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Exam Selling HP Printing Hardware
Number HP2-B126
File Name Selling HP Printing Hardware.CertDumps.HP2-B126.2018-07-25.1e.23q.vcex
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Posted July 25, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which statement best illustrates the business value of HP Web Jetadmin?

  • A: It reduces waste at the printer and avoids additional on-site investments with cloud-based solutions.
  • B: It provides industry-leading fleet management at no extra charge.
  • C: It tells you when devices require replacement every three or five years to ensure compatibility with software updates
  • D: It is compatible with HP LJ Enterprise devices, HIP, and touchscreen

Question 2
Which HP solution allows IT administrators to quickly and easily configure and update fleet-wide network settings?

  • A: HP Device Manager
  • B: HP Web Jetadmin
  • C: LANDesk
  • D: HP Embedded Wb Server

Question 3
Which feature that is built into HP Flow MFPs enables one-touch workflows?

  • A: advanced image processing for pristine scans
  • B: a large color touchscreen and full-size keyboard for entering metadata
  • C: quicksets, driven from a large, full color screen
  • D: image preview, wich allows view, zoom, edit, and re-order only on Jetintelligence flow printers

Question 4
Why is the durable shell on HP ColorSphere 3 toner important?

  • A: It is easier to recycle.
  • B: It is a feature in all mono toners for maximum yield.
  • C: Its laser uses less energy while printing
  • D: It provides higher page yields.

Question 5
What could a customer use to limit color printing to specific groups of users or spesific applications?

  • A: HP Device Manager
  • B: LANDesk
  • C: HP Color Access Control
  • D: OXP FutureSmart

Question 6
Why does HP routinely test over 300 different paper types from around the planet?

  • A: Different media types, compositions, weights and sizes are tested so non-compatible papers can be listed on the printers paper tray.
  • B: HP wants to find out the recommended monthly print volume (RMPV) of each paper type.
  • C: HP wants to ensure that no matter where the customer buys their paper from, their printer will perform as reliably as possible.
  • D: HP rouninely checks on paper manufactures

Question 7
Where is the reseller's value in recommending an HP printer or scanner?

  • A: HP only makes printers and is less interested in selling scanners
  • B: Gartner recognizes HP as a leader in MFP, manageability, and security
  • C: HP invests in new compatible paper types for emerging and developed markets.
  • D: HP has shipped over 200 million printers and 300 million scanners.

Question 8
What does 684,478 Facebook status updates tell us about the IT industry?

  • A: The IT industry is changing, bringing in new behaviors.
  • B: There is a need to sell cloud management solutions.
  • C: There is a need for more hard drive space on desktop printers
  • D: People are working less and socializing more-specific

Question 9
What are the benefits of cloud storage? (Select two.)

  • A: easy to set up supplies alerts for your printers
  • B: reduced barriers to color printing
  • C: access from everywhere
  • D: low color cost per page
  • E: zero paper use in your office
  • F: accurate and easy retrieval of documents

Question 10
What is the target market for a personal printer, in terms of number of users per device?

  • A: 1-5 users
  • B: 6-15  users
  • C: 10-30 users
  • D: 15-60 users


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