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Exam Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals
Number HP0-Y52
File Name Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals.PracticeTest.HP0-Y52.2018-07-29.1e.68q.vcex
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Posted July 29, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit. 


A network administrator enters the command shown in the exhibit to check the VLANs on an HP ProVision switch interface. The administrator wants to discover which VLANs are tagged and untagged on the port. What can the administrator do to accomplish this?

  • A: Enter the show vlans ports 1 command but add detail at the end of the command.
  • B: View all VLANs on the switch by entering the show vlans command without a VLAN ID.
  • C: View the physical interface by entering the show interface brief command.
  • D: Enter the show interfaces all command.

Question 2
Which HP device or port type can modify, read, and respond with frames that include 802.1Q VLAN tags?

  • A: Comwaretrunk ports
  • B: Comwareroute-mode ports
  • C: ProVisionloopback ports
  • D: ProVisionuntagged ports

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. 


A network administrator is upgrading the operating system on an HP Comware switch. When copying the new image from a TFTP server to the flash of the switch, the process fails because there is not enough flash to store the new operating system. The new operating system is 3.2MB in size. The administrator then executes the commands shown in the exhibit above. 
Which action should the administrator perform to solve this problem?

  • A: Execute the reset recycle-bin command, and perform the TFTP transfer again.
  • B: Execute the clear flash command, and perform the TFTP transfer again.
  • C: Reformat flash, and perform the TFTP transfer again.
  • D: Execute the delete command, and perform the TFTP transfer again.

Question 4
A company wants a modular switch for the access layer at its main campus and for several branch offices. Which HP Switch Series is best suited for this role?

  • A: HP 11900
  • B: HP 12900
  • C: HP 5900
  • D: HP 5400R

Question 5
Which methods can a network administrator use to upgrade the operating system of an HP ProVision switch? (Select two.)

  • A: USB
  • B: FTP
  • C: SCP
  • D: SFTP

Question 6

The topology shown in this exhibit implements Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), where all the switches are in the same region. 
How many MSTP instances, besides the Internal Spanning Tree (IST) or instance 0, does this network need in order to have effective load sharing on the uplinks from the access switches?

  • A: two
  • B: three
  • C: four
  • D: five

Question 7
Which command can a network administrator execute on an HP Comware switch to manage configuration files?

  • A: delete
  • B: startup-default
  • C: write file
  • D: write memory

Question 8

Which endpoint or endpoints receive broadcast ARP requests sent by EndpointA?

  • A: EndpointB, EndpointC, and EndpointD
  • B: EndpointB only
  • C: EendpointB and EndpointC only
  • D: EndpointC only

Question 9
Exhibit 1 


Exhibit 2 


PC1 cannot reach PC2. Based on the exhibits, what could be causing this error?

  • A: PC1 has the wrong IP address for its default gateway setting.
  • B: Router A has a direct route, instead of a static route, to
  • C: The next hop address for the route is incorrect.
  • D: Router A has an invalid subnet mask for the VLAN 1 subnet.

Question 10
What does the traceroute command identify on an HP ProVision switch?

  • A: each Layer 3 device between the switch and a destination
  • B: the path to each router connected to the switch
  • C: debug output tracing entries to the routing table
  • D: each physical device between the switch and a destination


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