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Exam Architecting HP Server Solutions
Number HP0-S42
File Name Architecting HP Server Solutions.CertDumps.HP0-S42.2018-07-24.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted July 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer needs to maximize the density capability while reducing the cooling requirement of their data center. 
Which IP solution will meet the customer’s needs and extend the life of their data center?

  • A: HP Active Cool Fans
  • B: HP Modular Cooling System G2
  • C: HP Datacenter Smart Grid
  • D: HP Intelligent Power Discovery

Question 2
Which component of the iLO Management Engine monitors and records changes in server hardware?

  • A: Embedded Remote Support
  • B: Active Health System
  • C: Agentless Management
  • D: Intelligent Provisioning

Question 3
You are proposing HP Intelligent Power Discovery service for a customer’s new data center. Which three components do you need to include in your proposal for this service?

  • A: HP Flexible Slot Power Supply, HPModular  Power Distribution Unit, and HP 3D Sea of Sensors
  • B: HP Uninterruptible Power Supply, HPBasic Power Distribution Unit, and HP OneView
  • C: HP Multi-Output Slot Power Supply, HPRemote Monitored Power Distribution Unit, and HP Power Advisor
  • D: HP Common Slot Platinum /Platinum PlusPower Supply, HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit, and HP Insight Control

Question 4
When designing a new HP OneView installation for a customer, how many logical interconnect groups must be configured for an enclosure groiup?

  • A: 1
  • B: 4
  • C: 2
  • D: 0

Question 5
You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem with Virtual Connect FlexFabric and HP 3PAR StoreServ 3400c. The customer is concerned about the added complexity of including SAN switches and the additional SAN management overhead. Which HP technology should you recommend?

  • A: HP B-Series SAN Network Advisor
  • B: HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 650 Adapter
  • C: Virtual Connect Flat SAN
  • D: HP FlexFabric 5930 Switch Series

Question 6
A customer is implementing a new mission critical application. The customer needs to protect against RAM errors, minimize cost, and maximize the use of all installed memory DIMM’s. Which feature of the HP ProLiant Gen 9 server should recommend to the customer?

  • A: memory mirroring
  • B: smart caching
  • C: Advanced Data Mirroring (ADM)
  • D: Rank sparring (online spare)

Question 7
You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem and HP StoreVirtual storage solution for a customer, and you need to estimate the power requirements. Which IP tool should you use?

  • A: Power Discovery Services
  • B: Power Calculator Utility
  • C: Insight Management Sizer
  • D: HP Power Advisor

Question 8
You are designing a Citrix XenServer based virtualization solution that runs on ProLiant Gen9 servers. 
Which design parameters should you take into consideration as part of your solution? (Select two.)

  • A: 35 percent additional hardware resources for host server overhead
  • B: memory consumed by the Control Domain on the host
  • C: NVDIMMS configured as caching modules for the host OS installation
  • D: FCoE dedicated network for XenServer migrations
  • E: memory consumed by the XenServer crash kernel

Question 9
A customer is concerned about the security of their data center. The exciting card entry system has proven to be inadequate. 
Which solution should you recommend to increase the security level for self-access to the data center?

  • A: complex passwords
  • B: fingerprint scanners
  • C: Access Control List
  • D: 256 AES encryption

Question 10
You are describing Smart Array controllers for ProLiant Gen9 server to a customer. The customer asks about data recovery of a failed large capacity disk drive. 
Which feature of the controllers should you describe to the customer?

  • A: Secure Encryption
  • B: SmartMemory
  • C: Rapid Rebuild
  • D: Advanced Data Mirroring


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