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Exam CompTIA Network+ 2018
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.PremTests.N10-007.2019-05-08.1e.501q.vcex
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Posted May 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following should be performed to verify that unnecessary services are disabled on all switches in an environment?

  • A: packet capturing
  • B: port scanning
  • C: Log scanning
  • D: Baseline review

Question 2
A technician is assigned to secure a basic wireless network. Which of the following authentication protocol should the technician use to performed this task (select TWO).

  • A: RDP
  • B: SNMP
  • C: WPA2
  • D: EAP SSL

Question 3
A technician is sent to a remote office to set up a device to connect to the internet. The company Standard document requires state ful inspection.  
Which of the following should the technician install?

  • B: Multilayer switch
  • C: Firewall
  • D: Bridge

Question 4
A system administrator receives report from users of odd behavior in regard to recently installed server. While reviewing the server network configuration, the systems administrator does both a forward and a reverse DNS lookup on the host, along with the network adapter configuration.  

Which of the following is the problem identified in the output above?

  • A: There is no reverse DNS entry for this host.
  • B: The server IP address is incorrectly configured.
  • C: The DNS lookup entry is incorrectly configured.

Question 5
A technician is investigating the cause of a network outage. Which of the following documents should be checked to rule out configuration issues?

  • A: charge management records
  • B: inventory management
  • C: Network log files
  • D: Logical diagrams

Question 6
A junior network technician receives a help desk ticket from an end user who is having trouble accessing a web application that was working the previous day. After talking with the end user and gathering information about issue, which of the following would be the most likely course of action for the technician to perform next?

  • A: Establish a theory of probable cause.
  • B: Escalate the ticket to a senior technician.
  • C: Implement the solution.
  • D: Document the findings and outcomes.

Question 7
Which of the following storage network technologies inherently leverages block-level storage?

  • A: NAS
  • B: SAN
  • C: FCoE
  • D: iSCSI
  • E: FTP

Question 8
A network administrator wants to employ a username and password authentication system for guest WiFi. Which of the following is the BEST option to provide this type of authentication?

  • A: port security
  • B: MAC filtering
  • C: Network access control
  • D: Captive portal

Question 9
Multiple users are reporting that they are unable to access the network. The ENTIRE network is shown in the diagram. PCs are not statically assigned IP addresses. The following devices will display settings.  
DHCP server1  
DHCP serverr2  
Review the settings and select the box in the diagram that identifies the device causing the issue. Only one device can be selected at a time.  
After checking the device that is causing the issue, select the second tab in the lower left hand corner. Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network.  

Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network.

  • A: Workstation(s) are plugged into switch ports configured with half duplex
  • B: The site-to-site router was configured with the incorrect ACL
  • C: DHCP server scope is full and is not providing IP addresses
  • D: WAN and LAN ports are reversed on the router
  • E: STP has disabled some of the ports on the switch
  • F: The NIC driver is not installed
  • G: A wireless client is unable to associate to the AP

Question 10
A UTM is deployed on the external edge of the main corporate office. The office connects to the WAN port of the edge router. The edge router at the main office connects to the remote offices using GRE IPSec tunnels. A network administrator notices that a worm that was not detected by the UTM has spread from the remote sites into the corporate network. The UTM currently has traffic rules applied that should block the port used by the worm. Which of the following steps would MOST likely correct this issue?

  • A: Move the UTM onto the LAN side of the network
  • B: Enable TLS inspection on the UTM
  • C: Enable stateful inspection on the UTM
  • D: Configure the UTM to deny encrypted files from being transferred



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