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Exam CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1
Number 220-1001
File Name CompTIA A+ (220-1001).PassLeader.220-1001.2021-05-04.1e.164q.vcex
Size 120 Kb
Posted May 04, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Users report they have to select the output tray at the printer, even though the correct tray is selected in the print dialog. 
Which of the following should a technician perform FIRST to attempt to solve the problem?

  • A: Check the user's account for the correct printing privileges.
  • B: Reinstall the driver on the print server.
  • C: Update the firmware on the commercial office printer.
  • D: Run Windows Update on the affected computers.

Question 2
Which of the following has a P4 connector to provide a 12V output?

  • A: Molex connector
  • B: 24-pin adapter
  • C: SCSI cable
  • D: eSATA cable

Question 3
A technician is building a CAD workstation for a user who will be saving files remotely. 
Which of the following components are MOST important to include when configuring the system? (Choose two.)

  • A: Gigabit NIC
  • B: Graphics card
  • C: Liquid cooling unit
  • D: HDD size
  • E: RAM

Question 4
A SOHO user wants a multifunction device to be set up for the office printer. Additionally, scanning and fax capability must be set up for office employees only. Guest WiFi access will open. Which of the following configuration changes will BEST meet the user's request? (Choose two.)

  • A: Enable user authentication.
  • B: Disable remote printing.
  • C: Configure the print server.
  • D: Enable cloud settings.
  • E: Disable the wireless network.
  • F: Connect to a wired network.

Question 5
Virtual machines hosted in the cloud that are used by developers to code applications are an example of ____.

  • A: FaaS
  • B: BaaS
  • C: PaaS
  • D: SaaS
  • E: IaaS

Question 6
Joe, a user, wants his desktop RAID configured to allow the fastest speed and the most storage capacity. His desktop has three hard drives. 
Which of the following RAID types should a technician configure to achieve this?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 5
  • D: 10

Question 7
A bank employee contacts the help desk for assistance with setting up a new computer. 
Which of the following peripherals will the technician MOST likely install alongside the device? (Choose two.)

  • A: Magnetic reader
  • B: Signature pad
  • C: Flatbed scanner
  • D: Web camera
  • E: External storage drive

Question 8
Which of the following networking protocols would be BEST track packages through a sorting facility?

  • A: RFID
  • B: NFC
  • C: Bluetooth
  • D: Zigbee 

Question 9
Which of the following is the type of address a DHCP server assigns on a network?

  • A: Dynamic
  • B: Static
  • C: APIPA
  • D: MAC
  • E: Default

Question 10
A customer has the LCD display in a laptop replaced. After the repair, the customer notices the laptop is showing a weaker WiFi signal than before the display was replaced. 
Which of the following BEST explains the lower WiFi signal?

  • A: The antenna is too close to the screen's power inverter.
  • B: The new LCD panel is causing interference.
  • C: The digitizer is calibrated improperly.
  • D: The radio antennas are damaged.


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