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Exam Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline
Number 840-450
File Name Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline.CertDumps.840-450.2019-08-20.1e.31q.vcex
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Posted August 20, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which statement about a business capability is true?

  • A: It includes and identifies technology products.
  • B: It supports one or more outcomes.
  • C: It should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.
  • D: It must support multiple outcomes.

Question 2
Which two statements about a business roadmap are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: It provides a high-level, multiyear strategic plan for transforming the business.
  • B: It identifies the relationship between the business stakeholders and business drivers.
  • C: It is based on the business model canvas template.
  • D: It includes a business strategy value map and a customer journey map.
  • E: It maps all key solutions that are linked to business goals and prioritizes the execution of each solution.

Question 3
Which definition of gross profit is true?

  • A: financial consequences of investments and actions
  • B: capital and operating expenditures
  • C: income that remains after considering the cost of goods sold
  • D: administration and sales expenses necessary to run day-to-day operations

Question 4
Which two steps are part of the Seven Elements Framework? (Choose two.)

  • A: know personal history
  • B: relationship
  • C: compromise
  • D: detailed talk track
  • E: options

Question 5
You are setting a strategy to support the target state of business. Which two factors help you to choose the necessary business capabilities? (Choose two.)

  • A: business drivers
  • B: business roadmap
  • C: business outcomes
  • D: business priorities
  • E: business architecture

Question 6
Which first step to create a customer journey map is viable?

  • A: Present an architecture of another similar customer.
  • B: Create a story board.
  • C: Evaluate all your steakholders’ motives.
  • D: Create a workflow of tasks and business procedures.

Question 7
A customer sees technology as an opportunity to enable the business. Which two engagement maturity levels most likely describe this customer? (Choose two.)

  • A: technology single domain
  • B: business solutions
  • C: technology architecture
  • D: technology multidomain
  • E: technology specific

Question 8
An engagement at the business solutions maturity level addresses which customer question?

  • A: How do I measure the business impact of technology investments?
  • B: How do I transform my business capabilities?
  • C: How do I facilitate innovation as a service by fast-tracking technology enablement?
  • D: What are the benefits of a multidomain data center and collaboration architecture?

Question 9
What is the goal of job mapping?

  • A: to define the stated job requirements
  • B: to evaluate the existing skills and competencies of employees against the stated job requirements
  • C: to create a mind map of processes that are used within a job
  • D: to break down a required task into a series of discrete process steps

Question 10
Which tool best describes how a business generates revenue and delivers value to its customers?

  • A: business model canvas
  • B: sales and marketing plan
  • C: balanced scorecard
  • D: business motivation model


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