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Exam Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills
Number 820-424
File Name Cisco.PracticeDumps.820-424.2017-12-03.1e.127q.vcex
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Posted December 03, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three options are potential customer benefits of an outcome-based sales approach? (Choose three.)

  • A: Alignment of technology to business needs
  • B: Better quality security policy
  • C: Increased ability to mitigate risk
  • D: Enhanced end user support services
  • E: Improved financial control over technology spending
  • F: Focus on solutions

Question 2
Which option is a trend, driving the adoption of an outcome-based sales approach?

  • A: Customers have more purely technical problems than they have had previously
  • B: Customers want to focus less on business needs and more on business outcomes
  • C: Customers are more empowered and skeptical, changing the way they assess and purchase technology
  • D: The increase in major technology innovations has led to a more siloed approach to technology purchasing

Question 3
Which option describes Step 2 of Cisco's outcome-based sales approach?

  • A: Get a lead, find a customer who may be interested
  • B: Assemble your sales team and determine your objectives
  • C: Gather what you know about the customer
  • D: Meet with your customer to uncover, validate and help them prioritize their business care-abouts

Question 4
Which two options describe the customer in an outcome-driven sales engagement? (Choose two.)

  • A: Knows issue and desired outcome
  • B: Aware of opportunities and problems that need to be solved
  • C: Knows the value and benefits for change
  • D: Is sensitive to price

Question 5
Which option is an operational benefit resulting from defined outcomes?

  • A: Greater control over business decision making
  • B: Higher IT asset utilization
  • C: Improved business intelligence
  • D: Faster time to market for new products

Question 6
Which option is a technology innovation benefit resulting from defined outcomes?

  • A: Lower IT support costs (TCO)
  • B: Higher IT asset utilization
  • C: Faster time to market for new products
  • D: Faster ROI for IT

Question 7
Which option describes the 4 Ps that help sales teams understand what the customer needs?

  • A: Problem, Pattern, Path and Proof
  • B: Problem, People, Path and Proof
  • C: Problem, People, Path and Pattern
  • D: People, Process, Path and Proof

Question 8
Which option is the recommended approach to gain access to additional key stakeholders within the customer organization?

  • A: Approach the stakeholder through their gatekeeper
  • B: Approach the stakeholder direct
  • C: External referral from a C level executive
  • D: Internal referral from an existing contact

Question 9
Which two options are examples of external sources of information about a customer organization? (Choose two.)

  • A: An annual report and accounts on the customer's web site
  • B: An interview of the customer's CFO published on
  • C: An internal briefing from your company's customer account manager
  • D: A Gartner Magic Quadrant for the customer's industry
  • E: A corporate organization chart provided by the customer's HR department

Question 10
Which two options are qualities of the guardian stakeholder decision making style? (Choose two.)

  • A: Formal process
  • B: Fact-based
  • C: Cautious
  • D: Middle-of-the-road


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