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Exam Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach
Number 810-440
File Name Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach.testking.810-440.2018-12-18.1e.115q.vcex
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Posted December 18, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which option is the most effective way to use best practices or scenarios during the selling process?

  • A: in use cases that are relevant to the customer
  • B: in business cases used previously
  • C: in customer briefing documents
  • D: in customer benefits statements

Question 2
Why is it convenient to tie business outcomes and the customer value proposition?

  • A: Because it accelerates the time to market of new products and solutions while maintaining a reasonable cost structure.
  • B: Because this way you can establish fixed business goals and priorities and facilitate the deployment project management.
  • C: To reduce complexity for stakeholders, it is easier for them to describe the benefits and to influence others to gain support.
  • D: Because it keeps the value proposition unchanged, it is easier for stakeholders to claim for accountability.

Question 3
Which option is the main element of a Business Outcomes storyline?

  • A: relevancy to customers' strategy
  • B: Cisco differentiators
  • C: Cisco products
  • D: guaranteed customer ROI

Question 4
Which options are two benefits of understanding the customer's business model? (Choose two.)

  • A: Understanding the customer's business model changes the way you interact with your customer.
  • B: Understanding the customer's business model provides control and assessment of project challenges.
  • C: Understanding the customer's business model helps track progress through outcomes.
  • D: Understanding the customer's business model is used to address the sales force mindset.

Question 5
You are working to understand a customer business environment. Which two options are preferred data gathering techniques? (Choose two.)

  • A: surveys
  • B: interviews
  • C: asking competitors
  • D: stock analysis reports
  • E: social media

Question 6
Which statement best describes the Cisco sales approach?

  • A: Understand the goals of the buyer.
  • B: Focus on Cisco technologies already in place.
  • C: Focus on fulfilling customer needs and help them generate value through stronger business outcomes.
  • D: Pay attention to details that the customer is sharing about their needs.

Question 7
Cisco solutions and services are related to every kind of outcomes. What approach is frequently used to achieve business outcomes?

  • A: Using Next Generation IT to increase service quality. Also, reducing risk, complexity and costs
  • B: Refining, enriching or developing & enabling new business processes, new markets, and customer interactions
  • C: Taking advantage of new technology to increase business relevance
  • D: Improving agility & ability to create or deploy high quality, differentiated, innovative services for end users

Question 8
Which option is a primary reason for using the Cisco Services Solution story with customers?

  • A: to enhance the sales experience for an account manager
  • B: to raise customer expectations possible outcomes from larger IT investments
  • C: to help raise awareness of Cisco services relevancy, beyond break/fix support and/or deployment projects
  • D: to provide a clear way to discuss services that all customers need

Question 9
Which two options are valid combinations of tactic and audience you can use to create your business outcome message? (Choose two.)

  • A: Tactic: Use evidence; Audience type: Critical.
  • B: Tactic: Use evidence; Audience type: Uninformed.
  • C: Tactic: Build a bond; Audience type: Sympathetic.
  • D: Tactic: Build a bond; Audience type: Hostile.
  • E: Tactic: Acknowledge the view; Audience type: Critical.

Question 10
Which one of the following solutions enable business outcomes in the financial industry?

  • A: Multilayer Switching
  • B: Remote Expert
  • C: Plant Floor Control Network
  • D: Internet of Everything
  • E: Medianet


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