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Exam Express Security for Account Managers
Number 700-551
File Name Express Security for Account Managers.PremDumps.700-551.2019-05-08.1e.77q.vcex
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Posted May 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which are three elements of the Cisco security practice pathway? (Choose three.)

  • A: Delivery and Support
  • B: Marketing and Sales Execution
  • C: Foundation and Platform Support
  • D: GTM Planning
  • E: Business Drivers
  • F: Lead generation

Question 2
Which are three key products and benefits of the Datacenter threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)

  • A: Predictive intelligence through Umbrella and Talos
  • B: Proactive packet inspection through Stealthwatch
  • C: Automated policy enforcement with ASAv
  • D: Software-defines segmentation through TrustSec
  • E: Deep visibility and data analytics through Stealthwatch
  • F: Identity-based policy management through Meraki

Question 3
Which are two key products and benefits of the Campus and Branch threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)

  • A: Cloud security policy management through CDO
  • B: Fuzzy Fingerprinting
  • C: Trojan and malware protection with NGIPS
  • D: Enhanced zero-day and DDoS attacks through NGFW

Question 4
Which incentive program lets you showcase Cisco technologies cost-effectively?

  • A: Solution Incentive Program
  • B: Technology Migration Program
  • C: Express Security Program
  • D: Teaming Incentive Program
  • E: Not for Resale Program

Question 5
Which are three key security vectors customers need to monitor to overcome security challenges? (Choose three.)

  • A: Data Center
  • B: Hackers Device
  • C: SaaS and Cloud Platform
  • D: Campus & Branch
  • E: Cloud Apps
  • F: Malware Protection

Question 6
What is a great option for new customers within Platform Selling?

  • A: Platform sale
  • B: License sale
  • C: Platform subscription sale
  • D: Appliance sale

Question 7
Which are three key customer issues with vulnerable cloud? (Choose three.)

  • A: Malware attacks are expensive
  • B: Lack of protection from cloud apps
  • C: Solution to does not extend to cloud
  • D: Employees apps usage is not visible
  • E: Appropriate level of access
  • F: Complex mobile management

Question 8
What component of NGFW and NGIPS provides a unified image, which includes the Cisco ASA features and FirePOWER Services?

  • A: Cloudlock
  • B: Next Generation IPS
  • C: Meraki MX
  • D: Firepower Threat Defense
  • E: Advanced Malware Protection

Question 9
Which three are attack vectors protected by Web Security? (Choose three.)

  • A: Mobile
  • B: SaaSapps
  • C: Web
  • D: Endpoints
  • E: Voicemail
  • F: Cloud apps

Question 10
What are the three key issues that customers with compliance standards issues are dealing with? (Choose three.)

  • A: Lack of access policies
  • B: Government controlled security
  • C: E-mail exposure
  • D: Device incompatibility
  • E: Malware attacks
  • F: Network visibility


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