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Exam Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Field Engineer Exam
Number 700-302
File Name Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Field Engineer Exam.selftestengine.700-302.2019-02-24.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted February 24, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which application consideration is important for collaboration capabilities, including voice, video, and instant messaging to users of mobile devices such as Android, Apple iOS smartphones, and tablets?

  • A: Quality of service
  • B: Dual SSID design
  • C: Rate limiting
  • D: Single SSID design

Question 2
Which feature that is available in Cisco IOS Software is recommended to be positioned at the network access layer?

  • A: Mediatrace
  • B: NBAR2
  • C: Media Services Proxy
  • D: Flow Metadata

Question 3
Which statement describes the cloud security feature of the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network?

  • A: The Cloud Intelligent Network can be used to expand or scale up "on demand" in case of a surge in network demand.
  • B: The Cloud Intelligent Network ensures that only authentic users and devices get access to information based on their roles and responsibility in an organization
  • C: In Cloud Intelligent Network, you can manage a network in an easy manner through centralized monitoring.
  • D: The Cloud Intelligent Network guarantees a better user experience by cutting down latency, providing better application performance and optimization.

Question 4
Which two statements about Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: It enables users to access their home network from their enterprise network.
  • B: It provides single level service level agreements to customers.
  • C: It integrates the network with the unified data center delivering a powerful user experience.
  • D: It allows simplified management of the network through centralized monitoring.
  • E: It is extremely vulnerable to web-based malware.

Question 5
In designing a BYOD solution, which implementation is based on extending traditional guest wireless access and providing similar guest-like wireless access for employee personal devices?

  • A: Advanced
  • B: Basic
  • C: Limited
  • D: Enhanced

Question 6
Which advanced WAN optimization functionality is provided by Cisco WAAS?

  • A: Application-specific acceleration
  • B: Optimum resource usage
  • C: Virtualization platform
  • D: Automatic route optimization

Question 7
What are two characteristics of Smart Business Architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A: It has the drawback of not being advanced technology-ready.
  • B: It is targeted at organizations with 200 to 1000 connected users.
  • C: Its design requires midlevel IT capabilities.
  • D: It consists of three primary modular yet interdependent components.
  • E: Its design is sophisticated as compared to Cisco Validated Designs.

Question 8
Which of these choices optimizes power consumption, space requirements, device utilization, maintenance operations, and service speed?

  • A: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
  • B: VDCs
  • C: VSS
  • D: vPC

Question 9
Which service helps in providing cloud-based security services?

  • A: CiscoWAAS
  • B: Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Connector
  • C: Cisco Cloud Web Security Connector
  • D: CTERA Connector

Question 10
Which mobility concept refers to the location that the wireless user has roamed to while mobile?

  • A: Layer 3 roam
  • B: Point of attachment
  • C: Layer 2 roam
  • D: Point of presence


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