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Exam Introduction to Cisco Sales
Number 700-150
File Name Introduction to Cisco Sales.VCEplus.700-150.2019-07-22.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted July 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
With Cisco ONE, what happens when a customer refreshes hardware?

  • A: The customer must purchase entirely new software licenses.
  • B: The customer can refresh or go to the next tier of hardware and port or upgrade software at no additional charge.
  • C: The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software at no charge but must purchase new licenses for the next tier of hardware.
  • D: The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software at no charge, or go to the next tier hardware and just pay the difference for their software.

Question 2
What approach does Cisco take to provide pervasive and comprehensive security for our customers?

  • A: Digital Forensic Model
  • B: Cisco ONE Security Model
  • C: Threat-Centric Security Model
  • D: Insight-Led Security Analytics.

Question 3
Which of the following are included on the Offering Pattern Reference Model?

  • A: pricing schedules, service agreements, routes to market, and opportunity paradigms
  • B: offerings, pricing schedules, service agreements, and routes to market
  • C: offerings, routes to market, pricing schedules, and service agreements
  • D: offerings, markets, pricing methods, location, and routes to market

Question 4
Which Cisco cloud-managed solution allows customers to unify management in a secure, browser-based dashboard?

  • A: Cisco Intersight
  • B: Cisco Meraki
  • C: Cisco UCS
  • D: Cisco Hyperflex

Question 5
Which Cisco mobile end point application provides instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence?

  • A: Cisco Jabber
  • B: Cisco TelePresence MX
  • C: Cisco Webex Teams
  • D: Cisco Expressway

Question 6
What is Cisco Unified Fabric?

  • A: the fabric that connects people, technology and business
  • B: a software-based solution for data centers
  • C: a primary building block for cloud-based, virtualized, and general purpose data centers
  • D: the latest technology that is used to power Cisco routers

Question 7
What are the top three protecting capabilities of Cisco Data Center?

  • A: detect, authenticate, and replicate
  • B: enforce, segment, and access
  • C: detect, replicate. and access
  • D: segment, enforce, and detect

Question 8
What are the four BOST Enterprise Architecture Framework views?

  • A: Business, Operations, Security, and Technology
  • B: Business, Operations, Security, and Tactics
  • C: Business, Operations, Systems, and Technology
  • D: Business, Operations, Sales, and Talent 

Question 9
Which phrase describes the NFV ENCS Virtualized branch?

  • A: a security application that mitigates vulnerabilities to offer branch and consumers protection where they need it most
  • B: a network device that mathematically verifies the entire network for correctness
  • C: a hybrid platform that combines the benefits of a traditional router and a traditional server to offer the same functionality with a smaller infrastructure footprint
  • D: a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture that facilitates digital and cloud transformation for enterprises

Question 10
What is Cisco's approach to business outcome sales?

  • A: Cisco's approach focuses on differentiating itself as a market leader in security solutions from a profits centric perspective.
  • B: Cisco's approach focuses on developing a business-focused view of the customer enterprise looking at needs and business outcomes from a customer-centric perspective.
  • C: Cisco's approach focuses on increasing revenue and reducing costs from a customer-centric perspective.
  • D: Cisco's approach focuses on enabling its sales team with the necessary tools and products to increase its market share.


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